Developers weaned to save on infrastructure, settlements

21.03.2011 00:10
Articles about real estate | Developers weaned to save on infrastructure, settlements Needless to say, to live out of town today and nice and fashionable. At a minimum, suburban life gives inmates cottage settlements fresh air and positive emotions. And as a maximum? Not all, even the elite, towns are equipped with the necessities of life. To learn how to teach developers not to save on infrastructure, "owner" said deputy general director of investment and development group OPIN Andrew Smahtalin.

- First of all, I want to find out much if at all in the Moscow region towns, in your view, fully equipped with a decent level of infrastructure?

- No, these little towns. Basic infrastructure of any town includes the protection and trading center, and all that excess is considered to have additional elements, and is not built anywhere. For larger settlements is a priority availability of the school or kindergarten in the village or near it, but such units. In general, private education have poorly developed. In this sense, the most prosperous towns are Paul's and, perhaps, the Green Cape. For residents of Paul's was organized by the Pavlov school, where there is a school and a kindergarten and different circles.

- And the teachers in such educational institutions are coming or living in the villages themselves?

- In different ways, some live in the village. The question is always in the cost of admission to such educational institutions and study in them. Almost always, these schools and kindergartens are not subsidized by anybody and are on self-sufficiency.

- In Europe, for example, it is imperative that a good cottage and a school and a kindergarten?

- No, there's just a different situation. There are well-developed private education, so many different schools of open and closed, and pensions. Residential housing is on previously developed and approved the general plan, and often carried around the existing training institutions. Or municipalities build them at its own expense and then subsidizing the content. We also build such facilities have the developer - "a load".

- With regard to our own, elite suburban settlements, whether in all the quality of infrastructure corresponds to the declared level?

- Unfortunately, no. Basically, the elite suburban real estate market - is the club estates at 30-40 households. Safety, functionality, quality of construction of these settlements with class elitism. But here, for example, studies of children have to carry outside the village. This happens also because the club villages build schools uneconomic. Any infrastructure facility affects the cost, the cost of the developer, and, of course, the profitability of the project. For example, to build a kindergarten for the average settlement is worth about $ 2 million and build it logical for a village with a number of houses and 150-200 above. Because there are rules: a certain number of people - so many places.

- It is logical to assume that such objects are "educational" infrastructure unique to high-class townships. And that must be present in the segments of the economy and business?

- Yes, in a large village elite, of course, must be a kindergarten, and the possibility of secondary education. School - or in the immediate vicinity, where you can dovezti child without spending two and a half hours in traffic back and forth, or (ideally) in the territory. In a small elite settlements is also important the presence of entertainment facilities, restaurants, it is important to the overall environment and status. For towns of business-class one must have good trade, serving the premises. In economy class may just not be.

- What percentage of the total area of ??the village infrastructure can take? For example, roads?

- Well, there are no strict standards. This again depends on the concept that the developer chooses. That is where some of the road crossing permit only a counter and a passing car, and everything, plus a small green strip on the roadway to the fence site, without the normal sidewalks. And, for example, in Pestovo 40% of the village occupied by the social needs: roads, infrastructure, landscaping and recreation areas. Width of the roads there 9 meters, the road is asphalted, plus both sides of paved sidewalks.

- Not all developers can afford to give so much space under the infrastructure. You do not feel sorry for the earth?

- The Earth we feel sorry for, but first we want to make a comfortable shelter for humans. In addition, we have enough volume villages inhabited by someone earlier, some later, and if those who first inhabited, they begin to say: "We are here to disperse can not" or "We went furniture truck and stopped traffic in the village until it was unloaded, "- such advertising we do not need. Therefore, the road is not worth saving.

- But in the end, all costs are included anyway in the price of meters of new housing and the cost of land? So what's the point to save on this?

- We understand: due to the fact that we give more land for infrastructure, we need some way to sacrifice his own finances, profits, because they sell more expensive home ownership market, we can not. Yes, it is possible to construct any width of the road, but if the market assesses such proposals, conditionally, to $ 1 million, you can not load their entire infrastructure, which is, and sell for $ 2 million will not buy. Anyway we are now in the market and do not try due to their infrastructural facilities to raise the price significantly. Are committed to providing good housing at good prices.

- That's no small matter. Very often the person buying the house, sees the project, sees the beautiful pictures: school, restaurant, shopping mall - and then wait for years, but promised not constructed. The agreement, signed at purchase, you can somehow protect themselves from such developments? ..

- By contract of sale is likely in any way. The treaty states that the buyer purchases a house in the cottage. At best, they write more and the amount of engineering infrastructure, which provides customers in the framework of this agreement. We must see that the projects have already implemented the developer, to study the general plan, maybe for a master plan indicated a kindergarten, and there has long been a house built ...

- And we can say that the market moves in the elite segment of here in such large settlements from the club? There is such a trend? It may be easier to build large settlements?

- Any large settlement is just as big investments. Here, once there are costs and utility networks, and was originally a large array of land, which is assumed under this thing to use. You can not start building a large village, with only a portion of this land, and assume that the farther to purchase this land, someone can beat you. That is, there are needed at once a large investment in land and, consequently, a significant investment in engineering facilities, must obtain the technical conditions for the entire estimated amount for all queues at once. Immediately lay the territory under the same treatment plant, if they are needed. Immediately necessary to consider the full range of infrastructure for the villagers. That is a sector of the coverage of the same kindergarten, parking in front of shopping centers, taking into account the entire territory, although the town can realize, of course, one by one.

- A lot is left free land in the 20-kilometer zone of the Moscow region to build it really high-quality settlement?

- No, the most basic good places, "sweet chunks" - they have already been developed and largely implemented. But the rest of the land, even if it is not very good for the location, will "do" is the infrastructure. That is, if before the developers could sell the house simply because of the demand for good sites, not particularly thinking about the infrastructure, but now will be different. Now you can organize a village in the less prestigious place, but with a more comfortable living conditions. That is to win will be those who will think more about their consumers.

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