Developers manipulate of construction materials

07.11.2015 00:00
Articles about real estate | Developers manipulate of construction materials About 40% of premium residential complexes do not match the declared class. This is related to consulting company City Development Solution.  Objects scattered throughout the city - including where the premium of property can not be by definition.

However, inflating klassnosti residential complex developers manipulate not only the location, but also construction materials.

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Brick and conscience developer

The vast majority of developers use the same key materialyPodavlyayuschee most developers use the same key materials - cement, brick, concrete, metal - produced in the same factories. If the customer in the sales department of elite LCD talk about sand, inwashed in Sicily, or Portuguese cement factories - a marketing gimmick, says Chief Marketing Insurance "foundation" Yevgeny Smirnov. "In fact, the differences between classes of property are quite different plane - the plane of comfort", - he says.

The only fundamental difference that exists in the construction of high-end housing and economy class, may be to the wall material, convinces the head of the board and CEO of JSC "NPO" Creator "(Dnipropetrovsk) Leonid Turchin.

"Luxury housing can not be built entirely of concrete. It should be a brick. This global standard, "- says the developer. According to him, overseas only the most expensive and prestigious housing is constructed of brick. In all other respects the materials and technologies used in the construction of housing in Ukraine various classes are identical.

So what's the difference?

The differences are possible in the finishing materials or brands installed windows, elevators, engineering oborudovaniyaOtlichiya possible in finishing materials and stamps installed windows, elevators, engineering equipment, advisor to president of the company "Zhitloinvestbud-UKB" Peter Sharafetdinov. Depending on the level of a house under construction it can be from the Western European goods manufacturer or its cheaper counterpart from China or Ukraine. Theoretically, in the classes of "business" or "elite" should be installed expensive equipment and network engineering, applied more expensive finishing materials. For example, not a cheap foam as insulation and expensive mineral wool.

"However, in practice there are cases when in the course of construction of the road changes to cheap and check it's impossible. Everything depends on the conscience of the builder, "- says the expert observations.

In addition to the location and quality of construction materials, there are other differences between systems of different classes, recalls Peter Sharafetdinov. They are as under construction or already existing infrastructure, presence or absence of a closed area and recreation area, in the amount of parking spaces in the contingent of residents. And also in the area of ​​the apartments themselves and uniqueness, organic planning. Newest facilities boast premium classes. But economy class housing involves the typical compact layout.

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