Developers lure buyers with beautiful concepts

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Articles about real estate | Developers lure buyers with beautiful concepts To sell to the client country house is no longer enough to offer him a cheap land without a contract or a seat in the settlement of the banal. Developers are once again beginning to lure shoppers an unusual theme or suggestions in the national style.

How to recognize developers who work on the suburban real estate market boom in the captivating cheapness, beyond which further may be hiding big spending, land supply without a contract in recent years is gradually eroding. Buyers are gradually inclined to purchase land together with the construction contract and even agree to build a house is not in the style of "Shanghai", according to the principle on which enough money and architectural audacity, and according to the concept proposed by the developer. The latter, in turn, in the face of fierce competition have come up with more interesting ideas. So, today's market the buyer can find a home in the English, Belgian, French, Scandinavian and even Japanese style.

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Expert Opinion

"Since the plots without a contract, mainly related to real estate economy class, the primary role in their promotion play for money. No less important is the presence of communication. The problem of lack of communication has already manifested itself in many areas, suburbs, such as the Chekhov district, where he actively goes sale of land without a contract. Therefore, when buying a plot special attention should be paid to the presence in the village of communications, and ideally to acquire land, to which is summed up gas and electricity. The main trend in the beginning of the year was the reduction in supply without a contract. As in the 1 st quarter of 2010, 95% of the new proposal submitted to the villages without a contract. But if in the last year for the first three months of it was about 40, but this year - a total of 17. Reducing supply more than twice suggests that such "projects" are not interested in not only the developer, but the final buyer, "- says the expert.

A single line of the enemy

As told GZT.RU Dmitry Gordov, executive director of real estate development company of the Integra, which entered the market with the next project, the village business class EastLandiya "in Japanese style, with interest of purchasers are to new ideas, willing to adhere to the concept of a single building in the village although many and confusing prospect of paying a relatively high amount for operating costs, including maintenance of the selected style in the village and its further integration within the framework of the chosen concept.

"At the moment the cost of homes in our village, which can be classified as" distant villas, ranging from 5.5 to 16 million rubles, but this price does not stop buyers - 36 out of 80 sites have already been sold. Some of our buyers, the average age of which is 30-50 years old, perhaps surprisingly, quite a few women, including the owners of small and medium-sized businesses, executives, etc. "- says Gordo. Most of the buyers' long summer cottages, "he said, we are interested in giving some agreement to move to permanent residence, there were also buyers who purchase a house for my mother."

According Gordov, now you can see how different preferences of consumers and their reaction to advertising. If a segment of the business-class sales well affect the stereotype of the "high price - meaning, good quality, and most of all running ads on the desired path (in this case, Novorizhskoe highway) and well-designed site, where the emphasis is on photos of homes and construction process, the segment of economy - work other laws. "The target audience practically does not react to" outdoor advertising ", where most runs modular advertising in the mass print media with ads. In this segment of people can lure an interesting concept, but more worried about the offer price. However, the client is now generally went heavy and in any segment of beats for each line in the contract ", - says Dmitry Gordo.

Sell ??a beautiful story

As suggested by the managing director of "Sentury 21 West Eugene Skomorovsky, the whole world today is moving towards specialization: this applies to media, and professionals affected by this trend and country projects. "Competition is increasing and developers have come up with new moves to lure buyers. Some put emphasis on sports - Alpine skiing, soccer, others - attracted by hunting and fishing, and others - are turning to Eastern culture. In my opinion, this is the correct trend. After all comfortable for a living town - not only the walls, ceiling
and land, but also neighbors. And importantly, the neighbors were not only from one social circle, which is determined by the price of the settlement, but like-minded "- says Skomorovsky. A conceptual village, in his opinion, this little club: a greater or lesser extent most of the people there - "their". "However, this does not apply to projects like the Belgian or British countryside. As a rule, the concept of architecture, there is limited, that does not add klubnosti "- he negotiated.

Alexander Kovalenko, commercial director Uniparx Service, in turn, notes that today's country market, unfortunately, a lot of towns, where a declaration of the concept with a beautiful name more worthless. Often it is simply "Bast" picture. No original design decisions, thought-out concept, there are no typical elements of a style. Such an advertising ploy developers use to attract additional attention of buyers to its object and making bigger profits.

"The architecture of such a settlement must meet its vision and detail here should not be. Everything has a value - house projects, their planning, finishing materials used in construction, landscaping the surrounding area, walking paths, recreational facilities, restaurants and other facilities should harmoniously with the landscape and are 100% responsible conceived architectural concept "- believes Kovalenko.

Price is important

According to Alexander Kovalenko, by 2008 the demand for such camps was high. But the unfortunate crisis has made their adjustments, mixed card developers and changed buying habits. "The crisis has taught people more attentive to such a serious purchase, as a country house, and to distinguish the packaging of the content. Prefabricated houses on the market in 2009-2010 there was a significant decline in sales, and now the buyer is focused primarily on price. And, the price in such settlements may be 30-50% higher than in towns with similar housing construction and infrastructure, but without national colors "- he says.

"We can distinguish 2 types of settlements: the first - it's just upscale suburban complex with good internal infrastructure-oriented tenants (a fitness center, shop, restaurant), and second - exurbia with some dedicated infrastructure facility other than a common set of services ( golf club, an equestrian center, marina). Villages second type focused on a narrow target audience - and specifically on people who are interested in this particular facility. Advancing these villages built on the basis of the unique offer - an infrastructure facility, which is the logical center concept, "- says the deputy director of the agency exclusive property" Manor "Hope VOLOKHOVA.

Price vs. Quality

As predicted, Dmitry Tsvetkov from Penny Lane Realty, modern towns, in the first place, will be a slightly lower price. Price decreases due to the fact that new projects will be cut square and the house and grounds. "If, before the crisis was regarded as the standard plot of 15-20 acres, but now it's 10-15. House also" tightened "in size to fit in the new price format. I think it will be about 250 square meters. Meters - enough to have all that is necessary and, thus, afford certain luxuries in the form of the fourth bedroom, a small library, or working office "- the expert believes. According to him, perhaps, in some villages the quality of materials used will be slightly worse. If before and the developer and the buyer relied on the house of bricks, and today he and the other chooses that quickly built. "Today's developer is not counting on early sales in the township. Creating a favorable investment environment in the form of a monthly price increase of 2-3%, before affecting the stimulation of consumer activity, for today is not a lever of influence. An investor should be aware that high sales are allowed at a high stage of readiness of the project - about 70-80%, "- hinting Tsvetkov.

According to her, if you stay in the village provides a unique right to use the infrastructure, then it certainly raises the price of the object. Thus, the cost of annual membership at the golf club can reach $ 200 thousand, and if the tenant of the village, which is currently a golf club, discounts, it can become a powerful argument for the acquisition of real estate. However, if the infrastructure of the village open (say, a berth for yachts can also use third-party people), or village is located close to the object, then the price is not affected. "People now know how to count money. And easier to buy a house in a nearby village and to walk to the pier than to overpay. With regard to settlements of feng shui, the demand for such facilities is not - can hardly be time to find a fairly large number of buyers, the decisive factor for whom is it appropriate housing that tradition, "- thinks Hope VOLOKHOVA.

"Now the main task of the developer, in some way risks his release on not finally got stronger market for a new project - to entice a buyer. If he let illiquid settlement regardless of the class to which he refers to, it just does not find its customers. The developer should seek to to ensure that returns to him go before he will finish before the end of the village. To do this he must draw the attention of well-proven, favorite things customers. Such an interesting place, do not overcharge and beautiful concept. And I think that Any new "smart" project will have these characteristics, "- says the director of the Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty, Dmitry Tsvetkov.

According to him, if we consider all proposals presented today in the market, 80 percent of it - "Lifeless," that is illiquid with inflated price. "If the developer to market the same is not interesting and beautiful project, then he will have no future. Although any project in the property market there are no problems that would not dare to lower prices", - notes Tsvetkov.

How to promote the concept?

As commented GZT.RU problem promoting conceptual suburban settlements Managing Partner Miel Residential Real Estate "Vladimir Yakhontov, the main task of the seller of real estate today - is to translate a category of people, one-time fee to view objects in the category of those who are interested in purchasing. A stakeholder in the project to be translated into the category of specific customers. Methods such transfer quite a lot, and one of them - in addition to the positive image of the village (this is just comes with different "chips") create an enabling action for clients. When the village had already launched into the market, using a supported advertising budget. For example, in the autumn-winter layout will look like this: 60% + 30% of Internet ads + 10% of the media. In the spring, these proportions vary significantly in favor of outdoor advertising.

"Actually," chips "were never a priority in the selection of the village, because they do not attract customers. The most important have been and remain the primary motives of purchase, which include safety, children, environment and convenience. Other reasons in fact and no. Accordingly, all these "decorations" can be superimposed on one of those reasons. For example, there is a settlement where undeveloped race track for toy cars. This is a plus for kids, but this is not a significant factor in the choice of the village. What is important is complete and the necessary infrastructure for children - playgrounds, areas recreation, a place for comfortable and safe walking, "- says Yakhontov.

Security, he said, must be expressed in the presence of, and here every object can also be its own characteristics - for example, there are villages where virtually every hundred yards there are police posts, there are those that make circumvention of each hour, who some places the battalion in the village of Chop, etc. Comfort - a comfort of life, convenient access, the time spent on the road, etc. All the rest - it's just decoration of the village, a marketing course to improve sales. Other quirks particularly in demand do not affect customers as they themselves understand that all these extra things are included in the home, and they may these objects and do not use it. And so, to populate the village residents, all of which are consumers of Oriental Medicine, the adherents of parachuting, etc. - Impossible. This should be a club projects. And in all these villages are not themselves particularly attracted to the client, and again, good location, infrastructure, and children, etc. ", - the expert believes.

"The same European title - a marketing move, which increases the attractiveness of the settlement to customers. I would not speak of distinct national architectural features in these villages, because the very notion, for instance, the Scottish or Belgian architecture is very conditional. Rather, it is possible to talk about certain "European", which attracts buyers. However, the large margin in this case it will not "- believes Yakhontov. "With regard to commercial real estate, the position of our company lies in the fact that the standard ways of proceeding practically exhausted itself, for maximum impact is necessary to develop other means of communication with the customer" - sums up Dmitry Tsvetkov.
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