Developers explain why housing is cheaper

01.10.2011 00:45
Articles about real estate | Developers explain why housing is cheaper Despite the crisis and the enactment of laws which should reduce the cost of construction, housing no more accessible. This is related by developers during a roundtable at the Press Center of the Information Agency LigaBusinessInform.

"If we talk about the actual costs of construction materials, it has not fallen during the crisis and the fall in price will not" - said the head of the supervisory board, Ivan Salii.

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The President of the Civil Hertz Rotov Alexander noted that the collection from the developers for the improvement and development of engineering systems is now at 3% - of the cost of construction of residential houses and 10% of the cost of business buildings.

The developer explained that before the start of construction is estimated to approximate price and then from that amount the city at once requires 3%. According to the developers still leave 30-40% on supply of utilities. In approximate figures, it is from 8 to 9 million USD. from each high-rise apartment building.

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