Developers cottage villages make their clients Christmas gifts

07.12.2010 07:38
Articles about real estate | Developers cottage villages make their clients Christmas gifts New Year's holidays to all buyers of homes in the cottage "Velegozh-Park Development Company Uniparx Service free of charge builds up on the site a Russian bathhouse. Another New Year's surprises will be a walk in the comfort of a limousine on New Year's night.

The same unusual gift prepared for buyers plots without a contract in the cottage "Pryvillia, located on the banks of the Oka River. An important and enjoyable addition to a 20% discount will be provided Uniparx Service on all land of this village.

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Christmas gifts are provided in other cottage communities Uniparx Service. Buyers plot in the village of "Forest Cottage" will receive the keys to the car «Mitsubishi L200». "This is a rare opportunity of shared values" apartment, car and giving "rather than one at once to get two," - smiling commercial director Uniparx Service Alexander Kovalenko.

Gift for the future residents of the village houses of the third stage "Velegozh Park and houses in the villages Zaoksk district, will be a fireplace and 12 crates of champagne. In addition, each customer site of the third stage "Velegozh Park will receive a gift dacha shed.

In the settlement "Limberova Mountain" in December will be a discount of 20%. Children of all buyers will receive a special gift - a New Year's greetings Santa Claus with a personal show at home.

In December, when purchasing land in the village "Meadow" is valid for one year interest-free installment plan with an initial payment of 20% of the cost. In the settlement "Natkino" to all sites in December, a 50% discount.

In addition, all those who in December turned into a sales office Zaoksky Uniparx Service, will receive coupons for Christmas and Christmas discounts of up to 30%. The coupon is valid from January 1 to March 31, 2011.

"Everyone who visited the local office to see the sites or information, Uniparx Service gives Christmas gifts, - says Alexander Kovalenko. - This is champagne, and a big tasty Tula gingerbread, made by our special order, and an illustrated album of the museum-estate VD Polenov and many other gift items. Another gift - a discount card for entertainment in the recreation center "Bear Corner" (recreation complex include: Restaurant "Den", a paid winter fishing, bath).

"Holding of shares in Uniparx Service - is already a tradition, - said Alexander Kovalenko. - We have a rule to please its customers and present them pleasant surprises in the name of the company, not just on the eve of the Christmas holidays, but throughout the year. Our position - comfortable country life should be accessible to everyone. And if we are at the same time can make a pleasant and at the same time the right gift to the client, we do. "

Development company Uniparx Service was established in 2003. Land Bank has about 5.5 hectares. The company implements projects for more than 20 villages with a contract and not located in the 85-200 km to the south and west of Moscow.
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