Developers await the return of buyers to «a primary»

02.02.2011 20:30
Articles about real estate | Developers await the return of buyers to «a primary»  In 2011, the "primary cell" gradually begins to win the position over the volume of transactions and there will be a slow and slight increase in prices in all major segments, the buyer will resume a greater degree of focus on the proposal of the primary market as an inexpensive and at the same time better. This was stated by Director Makrocap Group Dmitry Kutovoi.

As reported LigaBusinessInform the press service of the company, D. Kutovoi also identified several factors that, in his view, will encourage this process.

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Among them he mentioned the return of confidence in the developers, because last year the real estate market has passed without scandals, failures and crashes.

Another important factor he considers prevailing shortage of primary residence in the advanced stage of construction readiness, which will gradually push the price rise.

In addition, an important signal to investors is to reduce interest rates on bank deposits. "The small and medium-sized businesses, by and large, there are only two alternatives for investing surplus funds: bank deposit, and real estate. Reduction of interest on deposits will automatically lead to an increase in investments in the real estate market, especially as prices are now hitting bottom" - the head of "Makrocap Group.

Finally, another optimistic factor for the market is that banks have surplus funds. "Leakage of these resources in a segment of real estate is inevitable, and I'm sure that in 2011 will finally create the conditions for new projects with the use of mechanisms for project financing," - said Dmitry Kutovoi.

He stressed that it does not lead to full restoration of the market in 2011 because it is still unclear how and when to fully earn the mortgage arrangements as well as incomprehensible to the fate of the bill on the regulation of urban development, which governs the relationship builders with state authorities, local self-government and natural monopoly.
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