Developers are the heroes of our time

23.10.2010 00:02
Articles about real estate | Developers are the heroes of our time As a child I, of course, like all children to read a lot, liked the characters. Then, on the same line of constant and varied reading, pure ideal has been lost ... All is not spoiled by so many accursed "gallery extra people in the Russian literature, but simply a set of books, taken together offer a unique conclusion about the world: it's not so simple.

And today does not feel special about the need for heroes, I think. I mean not only the heroes in the strict sense ancient, but in a sense, like a hundred years ago, admired about "well-known motorists, 70-80 years - the heroes of aviators, half a century - the astronauts and others.

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After the astronauts heroes were petty, but now is not very much in demand by themselves, why - can not say. Whether the world is so rapidly growing up, or simply the amount of information around us exceeds our ability to analyze it, not to great. Either I'm just old-fashioned it seems that here a hundred years ago people lived so live, not what we ... However, there are heroes and today, you need only to look good.

And it looks like the heroes of our time, none other than the developers. And not in the sense that the building in Moscow - this is the height of selflessness and heroism every single day. I mean: such characters in the fact that neither is quite literally, the same ones that kids like.

I caught myself on that thought, sitting at home with the flu and periodically pochityvaya recently just created a blog Sergei Polonsky. For those who do not know: it's the president of the corporation Mirax Group, a billionaire, is building, among other things, the Federation Tower in Moscow-City ". So, the first diary entry began: "Today I decided to start a blog. I realized I have something to say. Now I'm going to Tomsk. We shall overcome snowmobile 1000 km of the taiga. "

38.50 IPM general - perhaps influenced by the temperature, and sitting at home - the diary I've read all week, regularly, and almost felt like a child. There was many kilometers of travel by snowmobile, and about the "point of no return", and about a week at 30 degrees of frost, and about the ice, failed under his feet, and about the "last day of the expedition did not come out on bond; morning managed to contact, but due to interference could make out nothing. Press office "... Well, now, the expedition returned, all intact. The main thing, you know, why all this was started? To get into the camp of Old Believers, to which the supposedly no one has ever reached.

Another heroic developer who immediately come to mind when talking about extreme sports - Leonid Kazinets, head of Barclays': here you and skydiving, listed in the Guinness Book of Records ", and climb Mount Everest, and expeditions to Antarctica, and a jump from the stratosphere in the landing not to Lenin peak, not at the peak of Communism, God forbid memory ... In any case, all seriously.

So. Who else? For example, Boris Bukatov - president of the New Square "- very busy with the rally-raids, and even participated in races in Dakar. Not Antarctica and the stratosphere, but still commands respect.

Yes, and in the regions, if you look, the developers are not born yesterday. As far as I remember, I came across more than one interview where the next head of the company «XXX-Development» says he loves to travel and enjoys extreme sports.

57.27 BAF suddenly, for example, the level of heroism as a correlate with the originality and the "steepness" of projects? Returns, roughly speaking, from the North Pole all the updated - and immediately go to each other more creative ideas ... And if you just skiing, here, I'm sorry, the ceiling - a decent panel housing. Maybe the monolith ...

By this logic, those who built up our sleeping areas, a maximum of sledding as a child, and it is unlikely that the hills ... You've probably read about how the visual environment of the city is able to bring his people to depression, short-sightedness and crimes? Due to the accumulation of horizontal lines, right angles and large planes.

I, frankly, not too versed in the planes, but that, for example, are capable of almost any Kuzminki bring a minimum of depression, I'm sure. My girlfriend lived there, and from and to - in depression. Moved - it became unrecognizable. Yes, and I visit her a ride did not love. Although no one want to hurt, and maybe it's just unfortunate we caught estate, where the horizontal lines of a lot of unbearable ... And so, on the contrary, I dearly beloved South Butovo - besides the fact that everything is fine with the infrastructure - it is also a very joyful area these would be bigger.

77.05 BAF is here at a meeting of expert council under the Moscow City Duma Commission on Environmental Policy, voiced such results of the survey residents sleeping areas: 72% responded that they wanted to "leave at least somewhere." How to conduct a study, of course, I do not know, but live with the thought, must be very hard ...

However, it is obvious that in a short time the plane and the angles will not disappear, it remains to invent something himself. Chosen somewhere, if only to Antarctica or to Everest using a parachute. We are capable of much more than it seems. Even I, so what a coward, and and then - the third grade in parachuting ...
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