Despite the fires, buyers are still interested in country real estate

26.08.2010 00:11
Articles about real estate | Despite the fires, buyers are still interested in country real estate Fires raged in the suburbs had an impact only on the choice of the buyer-time hits, according to a press release, the corporation "Incom.

"Despite the fires, buyers are still interested in suburban property. The most popular sites located close to the capital. So in July of this year, 49% of buyers are interested in proposals within the Small Moscow ring, ie at a distance of no more than 30 km from Moscow . And only 17% of buyers interested in objects at a distance of over 70 km from the capital, "- commented the head of the analytical center of the Corporation" Incom "Dmitry Taganov.

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According to the MOE, the largest number of forest fires in July-August, it was observed in the east, south-east and north-eastern suburbs. However, any changes to the level of demand or supply in these areas have been identified, said the expert.

According to the experts of the company "Inkom-real estate", the only thing that has changed over the month - time hits. Typically, it is transferred to the evening, avoid walking in the heat.

At the same time significantly increased the demand for facilities located in the southwest and west of the region, for example, Kaluga highway number of hits increased by 32%, according to the material. In general, according to the company, the maximum number of transactions accounted for Novorizhskoe and Kiev highway - 22% and 21% respectively.

Among the formats purchased suburban real estate continue to lead in areas without a contract - in July they accounted for 68% of transactions, according to a press release.

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