Deriban near Kiev cover the reserve?

08.09.2010 06:40
Articles about real estate | Deriban near Kiev cover the reserve? In Kotsyubinskoe that near Kiev, is in full swing preparing for local elections.

One of the most likely candidates to head the local village council member, Vladimir Zharkov made for the conversion of forests adjacent to the village in the reserve. "We have prepared a letter to the President of Ukraine and all the authorities that they are in the escalation expeditious collection of woodland Kotsyubyns'kogo reserve status," - means the statement of social initiatives "Native Kotsyubinskoe", which is chaired by Mr. Zharkov. Village council refused to consider this question.

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Recall that in 2009 the local council voted to release about 100 hectares of land Sviatoshynsky lespromhoza under construction. In the village they say, that is expected soon new illegal distribution of four thousand acres of green land on the Ring Road to the river Irpen. The bulk of the plots have already received people come from ... Dnipropetrovsk region. However, in a list of more than 500 landowners, hence the security firm "Peresvіt, which bind all of the same Zharkov. Moreover, it is "Peresvіt" first started logging at the end of last year to build the first Ukrainian school of martial arts.

Vladimir Zharkov himself in 2009, also voted for the allocation of forest plots. The question arises as to why he was so radically changed his attitude to the problem? The fact that the "Forest Question" in the run-up to elections has found echoes among all the inhabitants Kotsyubinsky. Most oppose construction of green space. Most likely, the acting chairman of the village Vadim Sadovsky and Vladimir Zharkov decided to split the electorate between them.

- When we put in front of village councils, the removal of illegal decisions by forest any Sadowski, neither hot we did not support - said the "New" Nikolay Eremenko, head of the initiative group for the abolition of unlawful decisions Kotsyubyns'kogo village council. - The latter is not held a single meeting with voters concerned about forest issues.

All this suggests that the noble goal is to get under the capital reserve - no more than a smokescreen that allows someone disguises their true interests.

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