Depression after purchase

03.02.2011 00:07
Articles about real estate | Depression after purchase Depression after buying an apartment - well-known phenomenon, which does not depend on country of residence and level of prosperity. If you realize that you have to put up with the "slop" for many years, there really is no difference - it killed "odnushka" in the sleeping area or bedroom apartment in a good location. The main thing that is your choice, your investment is in the happy future, your most expensive purchase. What do you do when it seems you failed?

On counting statistics, about 30% of UK residents unhappy with their new homes. Some of them believe that the previous home was better and the "native". Others are convinced that the new neighbors too much noise, or a new place is not well adapted to the lives of their families. Still others suspect that the agents tricked them at closing and forced to pay more than the cost of their new home into reality. Either way, their anger and fear of being cheated often are without basis in reality. This is the same depression after buying a home, to fight which is harder than the real disadvantages of housing.

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Fears that wake us as soon as the transfer of keys held, can be divided into several groups.

The fear of "stranger home"

Abstract nor based on anything the feeling that the old house was more akin, in case your first purchase - a feeling that you're in a strange house. Lack of comfort, "home" feeling. Often accompanied by nervousness, unwillingness to spend time in the new house. Well, there is nothing to say - this house is really not yet a mother, what was the previous one. And if this is the first own apartment, home after she did not hand over the keys. Some of us can easily assign a rank of any site, even removable corner, while others require long-term adaptation. Typically, the depression associated with a move to "someone else's house, perfectly cured by time. But we can accelerate the process of adaptation.

- Get furnishing a new home as soon as possible: new curtains, new carpet, new chair, things that you choose for yourself will help you quickly get used to the new apartment and accept it as his home;

- Bring in a little house of the living comfort and warmth: any fines that are closely related to you and your family (family photos, gifts, souvenirs from travels), things that create comfort (cushions, a rug, warm slippers, dishes, or pastel, in contrast, bright colors), will help to make a new home habitable and homely;

- Call friends and relatives: often in the new house we are afraid of silence and emptiness of the room, to which we have not yet used, this impression can be smoothed by inviting the friends, the company whose addiction to the house will be quick and painless.

The fear of a mistake

What if I miscalculated (a) and bought (a) not what is there and not then? Not to mention the price, which certainly could be overstated! If the decision about buying a home you were not in a temper, if the choice you made, based on objective factors, if the housing market you know to the latest figures, but the fear is still not dissipated, will have to fight it more effective methods.

Take a pen, a piece of paper and sign all the pros and cons associated with the purchase of housing, the dignity of the apartment and its shortcomings. After that, assign the shortcomings of the side of the counterweights, or how decisions. For example: "The apartment is located far from the center" - "But in the quiet, green area." "Rooms are small windows let enough light" - "You can repaint the walls in bright colors, get rid of bulky furniture. "In the area there are no good malls." - "Let's go to Auchan and purchased in the week, at the same time save for any nonsense." Of course, not everyone can balance the lack of dignity, but hardly apartment without the drawbacks would be you can afford, right? But speaking objectively and honestly, the flats without shortcomings, unfortunately, does not happen.

Fear of a final decision

Just yesterday you had a choice - "kopeck piece" in Marino with a good plan or Orekhovo - in an old house. You could choose between transport accessibility and rich infrastructure, green areas and large bathrooms. And today you decided, and cost the epochal moment to take place, as you already think it is better to bad planning, but in a good location, the larger the area, but far from the subway? Well, you say that you - the type of person whom the fact of the decision scares more than its failure. Especially for them, even invented a proverb - "taking off her head, her hair Do not Cry." How to calm the internal reviewer?

First of all, tell yourself that the final decision was taken just when you decide to buy an apartment. If you doubt the need for this purchase there, you can proceed to the next item - the realization that you purchase an apartment has its advantages and maybe it's a comfortable place, which was in the second sentence, in practice, was not so easy. And the high ceilings of the third would not compensate for the lack of good shops in the area. Take your inner critic the proposals on which you have refused to let him follow it up to their bones - he perfectly knows how to do it. And then you and it becomes obvious that there are flaws in every apartment, so that whatever decision you have not, with something you would still have to live with.

All these methods can be used both separately and together. Buying a home detail, meeting with friends and detailed lists of shortcomings and flat ways to address them equally will help you get rid of doubts and fears associated with buying an apartment. Good luck homeownership!  
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