Denmark has built a bow tie

30.10.2010 13:05
Articles about real estate | Denmark has built a bow tie The building, resembling a bow tie or figure eight with acute angles, as well as equipped with the bike path, which allows residents to enter from the street straight to the top tenth floor, built in Denmark.<br /><br />8 House complex area of 61,000 square meters. m. on the outskirts of the developing district of Copenhagen Ørestad. In addition to the residential part, he has 10 000 sq. km. m of offices and shops.<br /><br />The complex includes two courtyards, separated by a cross-bridge, where rooms are reserved for public space, a wide corridor allows residents of the house to move easily from the western edge of the complex, with its green area to the south, where there are water channels.<br /><br />Instead, to accommodate residential and commercial premises in the various blocks of buildings, rooms with different functions have been divided horizontally. The apartments were located on the upper floors, while the commercial area located at the bottom.<br /><br />As a result of various horizontal layers have respective advantages: home - great views, sunshine and lots of air, commercial real estate - direct access to the street.<br />On materials: homesoverseas<br />
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