Demand for suburban housing market has shifted to finished projects

08.11.2010 07:30
Articles about real estate | Demand for suburban housing market has shifted to finished projects Director of the Moscow office of LLC Ross Raquin St. Petersburg ", the exclusive distributor of the company HONKA in Russia, Alexander Lvov said in an interview with RBC Real Estate on new trends in the market suburban housing. In his opinion, random projects in the suburbs has become smaller, but the sale of land without a contract again lead the market to the informal land development.

- What trends have appeared in the suburban housing market this year?

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- At the suburban housing market has been some correction in the direction of filtration developers. Were more specialized, reliable and smart developers. Has become more popular, and outlines the proposed product. There are fewer random projects, more opportunistic. It is worth noting that there are good proposals, due to sound policies of quality and price. Before demand outstrips supply, and the proposal itself does not always correspond to the needs of potential clients. I hope that the crisis has gone to the benefit of the industry.

- What are the negative effects provoked a crisis?

- The crisis has created a very negative, in our opinion, the trend - the return of land sale without a contract. Such a situation would inevitably lead to serious "shanhaizatsii" our suburban expanse. Will be a lot of motley architectural product, built on these lands without a contract. Suburban real estate market retrace a few steps back to the informal land development. On the one hand, on such land are in demand, but on the other hand, if the buyer then needs to be around such eclecticism?

- Many developers had to "freeze" the construction of new facilities. Your company is also faced with this problem?

- On the contrary, in the past year we have begun construction of two villages: "HONKA № 1" (see photo gallery) and "Cabins HONKA". "HONKA № 1", for example, is already a high degree of readiness. In addition, we are now beginning to exhibit the chamber Education Valuevo HONKA "6 km on the Kiev highway. The settlement will be presented to a total of eight houses, a high level of architectural study. This is a joint project with our Finnish colleagues. Also, are under development several projects on water. Even more rapidly evolving situation in the Leningrad region.

- Tell me more about your new projects.

- Town "HONKA № 1" is located at 43 km from Moscow Pyatnitskoe highway, near the village Trusovo. Area of the village - 7 hectares. It is built on a peninsula surrounded on two sides of a large water Istra reservoir. In the peninsula has a low beach on which will be equipped with beach area and the high bank, which offers wonderful scenic views of the surrounding area. All houses are designed so that the panoramic view of the high water. The village sold three types of projects - the home area of 330-510 square meters. m on plots of 28 to 40 hectare. Three lots, three graduation rates. In addition, the country complex is very strong infrastructural facilities - club house, office building, a beach with gazebo, pier, playground, security system - and, of course, beautiful land and homes. To date, the 25 lots have been built 15. "HONKA № 1" - is home ownership really high stage of readiness for the big water.

Village Cottages HONKA "is part of a country of" Istra Valley and is located at 45 km from Moscow Novorizhskoe highway. For the construction of suburban complex was chosen as a unique site in a wooded area. In the village of 19 private homes that were built on an area of 21 to 49 hectare. Clients, we offer four types of lots ranging from 280 to 350 sq. m

- What, in your opinion, consumer preferences have changed?

- Specific changes have occurred. The buyer, as always, wants to get real money is a good product that will not be overheated, overvalued, or in one of its components: the cost of any land or in the home's value. In addition, the demand for suburban housing market has shifted to ready-made designs. Today's most liquid projects that are in the final stages of construction. Therefore, developers should be properly regarded as a means to attract and project financing. Villages in the initial stage of building interest among buyers do not cause.

- Due to the crisis, you have changed the concept of new projects?

- No, the concept of our villages has not changed. But we had a unification project: to offer the customer a certain set of options, which is a fixed price, and if a customer goes beyond, the cost of the lot increased. In some projects we went for a commodity lending. So we try to pursue a flexible policy.

- How will the situation in the suburban housing market before the end of the year?

- I do not see any prerequisites for the spike in prices in the market suburban housing. Traditional expected for this time of revival of the market. Autumn people return from holidays, will begin to think about the family circumstances. Demand will grow.

Interviewed by Olga Petrova
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