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Luxury and pleasure of relaxing, accessible mainly to people is very secured. On any of the very different taste. The most expensive villas and private islands airstrips for private planes and entire regions, in high demand over the past year, the corners for absolute privacy and highest density of restaurants per square mile in the world.

Analytical center "Indicators of housing market" continues to publish the results of research conducted by Luxury Retreats on the results of 2010, on the most popular places exclusive holiday. It does not cover public hotel - only a few houses, or entire regions with notable residences, which take off for short or longer stay.

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In contrast to these directories Luxury Retreats did not build with ratings usually are not very coherent system of evaluation, the experts Here, all winners - each in its category, which characterizes the singularity of a place.

Top rated opportunities for, and most importantly - knowing what they want, according to experts, is interesting not only objects themselves, but also to approach the experts Luxury Retreats, isolate each feature space, which can become a unique factor determining the choice.

Thus, the second half of the list of top sites and new terms of success.

The best place for entertainment

Villa Flor de Kambrera "on the beach is located in a guarded settlement" Orchid Bay, adjacent to the town Kambrera in the Dominican Republic. Simulators, billiards, table tennis, private tennis court, darts, card table, heated pool and whirlpool, diving gear, a shower in a waterfall, and much more designed to fill the days of the holiday entertainment spots. Children are welcome, but smokers and pets ... Alas. The remaining pleasures, including a variety of DVD, CD, air conditioners, etc. cost ranging from $ 2000 to $ 6000 per night. Maximum - 24 guests online.

Best villa "Do Not Disturb!"

Lovers of peace and tranquility can appreciate a place in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Here on the seashore is located Villa Casa Nalum "with four bedrooms. Prior to the barrier reef can be reached by swimming, and the lagoon behind the house reminiscent of the ancient Maya and their famous disappeared from the face of the earth channels. Here you can read a good book in a shady corner or sunbathe in peace, and you can dive with a tube and flippers, to go sailing. Maximum of six adults (smokers), plus two children. Prices start at $ 1300-3800 per night.

Best unique set of opportunities

"Hacienda Santa Ince in Cartago, Costa Rica, has probably everything: from the private spa to clean" green "home. Swimming pool, gym, table tennis, billiards, sauna, table for playing cards, backgammon - any table games. For connoisseurs - a bar (the bartender) and wine tasting room. Cigar or cigarette after a glass here is not prohibited: smoking is only prohibited in bedrooms. But pets are not allowed here - its enough. Here is a partial stable (with two arenas for dressage and riding lessons) and the zoo, where children and adults can play with rabbits, chickens, calves, piglets and lambs. Care for the guests about 25 attendants (enforced policy of "no tipping"). Prices depend on the number and age of the guests, but you can navigate to the interval $ 12 000-27 500 per night.

The best choice of island cuisine

More than 300 restaurants on the Caribbean island of San Martin represent the art of chefs from around the world, delight visitors imaginations and traditions. It is an island with the greatest diversity of cuisine and the number of restaurants per square mile in the world. Half-owned by French, half Dutch, he usually makes an indelible impression fusion of international cultures. Here is a selection of 66 villas, rent, they are of different size, capacity and pricing. If you prefer, you can find a very budget option for $ 600 per night (three bedrooms) or $ 18,500 per day with six and a huge swimming pool with fountains, right on the beach.

Best Jacuzzi on the roof

In this nomination, won the villa "Punto de Vista" at Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, with 10 bedrooms. In addition to the Jacuzzi, which overlooks a fantastic view, located on the roof of another site for dancing, a terrace with pool and bar. Per hectare walled estate of a protected natural setting of tropical rain forests of the villa offers an ocean view of 270 degrees, and the beach of white sand - just a few steps from the house. Near the jungle with swarms of monkeys and tropical birds. And even an outdoor cinema in the air. Villa can take up to 12 non-smokers with children (without animals) or become a place of celebration of a wedding or other celebrations (up to 200 people). Night at the villa will cost between $ 1750 to $ 3500.

Golf in Paradise

Villa Golden Horizon "with four bedrooms adjacent to one of the most prestigious golf clubs Plantation Estates / Gonolua Ridge" on the island of Maui, Hawaii. To separate the territory of 1,5 hectares is a pool right outside the house, a barbecue area. After sunset, when the air is fast becoming a cold, you can admire the stars and twinkling lights Kapalua, sitting in the outdoor hot tub. Beaches are exactly what is expected from the Hawaiian islands: white sand, clear warm water, coconut palms. Spend the night here costs from $ 3000 to $ 5745.

Best Sand World

The island of Anguilla to the north-east of San Martin in the Caribbean won the nomination. Elongated, length of 15 km, it has more than 30 beaches with white sand and almost any water sports - from diving to swimming with dolphins. The cost of the day here at various villas (about 40) comes to $ 27,000, but you can find options and a $ 700-900 per night.

Best house for all ages

Coral House on the Turks and Caicos (Grace Bay, The Bahamas). The villa is focused on a family holiday and entertainment of children. On the sea shore with a sandy beach located a masterpiece of architecture, created under the influence of the legendary stage designer Oliver Messel, causing associations with the traditions of island plantation 18 th century. Kids here love, animals are not allowed to smoke can not. You can hold a wedding or corporate - to 100 people. Nearby - golf, tennis court. Cost - $ 3500-7000 per night.

Villa, which is difficult to assess

Villa Hermes "on the island of Mykonos, Greece, at the same time takes up to 10 people. Among the 20 greatest country houses in the Greek Islands. Chef (breakfast and dinner), concierge, security and maid service included. Five bedrooms, a swimming pool will cost $ 2400-3200 per day (the cost of food, cooking lunch, equipment, diving, etc. paid separately). In general, the Greek approach to business is seen as the palm: the phone is disconnected from the long distance / international calls, no smoking, no animals required security deposit.

Secret place

Caribbean island of Tortola, Villa Golden palon. Built in traditional Balinese style, almost 400 sq ft on 1.5 hectares of fenced off private land surrounded by water down to the rocks. National Indonesian sculptures and other art objects and furniture throw at the situation the British colonial flair. Tranquility and privacy in a Zen combined with modernity, thoroughness of details. Five bedrooms can accommodate up to 10 people. Minimum four-night vacation includes a day trip on a motor yacht under the control of Captain Tony, who goes by sea between the British Virgin Islands for 11 years and knows all the most interesting secret places. For an additional fee you can swim and one more time. The rules are stricter than usual: that every child under five years must have a nanny, no smoking, no animals, no fireworks, no bottles or glasses around the pool or bathtub, no visits from the side, etc. Holidays here will cost $ 2000-4000 per night.

Luxury Retreats study shows that the "royal" holiday in principle it is possible to secure even for not very much money. However, for most Russians, these places are likely to remain elusive, the experts remind We must not forget that if the value of rest may be divided into several family friendly couples, the price of flight may be insurmountable financial obstacle to elegant relaxation. On the other hand, the prospects of the most visited in such an exclusive, exotic locales encourage a good sense of "greed".

Sergei Zharkov, editor
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