Demand for minidoma and miniuchastki resumed

05.10.2010 09:18
Articles about real estate | Demand for minidoma and miniuchastki resumed Among the buyers of suburban property most in demand are small in area homes and land.

Market players warn that the crisis for a suburban real estate market is left behind. However, the average area of land and houses falling, while prices for most popular format - plots without a contract - continue to decline.

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Restore suburban real estate market has not yet come, - says head of the consulting company RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko. - In the first half of 2010 the price of cottage villages in Kiev Oblast decreased by 8.91%, entered the market 13 new projects, defrosted construction in 6 cities of Kyiv region buying interest to the objects started to grow. "

According to Victor Kovalenko, "sellers are no longer dumping, the price is kept approximately the same level, discounts are possible in rare cases up to 10%."

However, the crisis has affected not only the value of suburban real estate. "Virtually all segments of the" fence "area and own residential properties and land decrease", - said Victor Kovalenko. Residential Real Estate "mini-format" is mainly offered in the less prestigious areas. Today most towns mini-format Makarovskyy district of Kiev region, said Victor Kovalenko.

Today the most popular areas without a contract. However, in future, I'm sure Victor Kovalenko, the number of plots without a contract will be reduced, because the crisis is the format. "By 2012, this product is virtually disappear from the proposed range, - the expert believes. - Customer interesting ready at home or a high degree of readiness, areas with the contract. Such products are more profitable and developers: they can sell more. "

However, while more than half of buyers are interested still in the acquisition of plots without a contract. Interestingly, in this segment there is a decrease weave ground.

Demand depends on the budget and the intentions of the buyer: someone wants to build on their own and buy land without a contract, but somebody needs a house for finishing or "turnkey".

According to Victor Kovalenko, simple plots of land will always remain the most popular format in the suburban real estate market.

Victor Kovalenko
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