Defrauded investors profitable to take the problem of housing completion

28.10.2012 01:15
Articles about real estate | Defrauded investors profitable to take the problem of housing completion Transfer of rights in unfinished construction homes directly to investors will not solve the problem of unfinished because they do not spare them from having to pay extra for essentially their future apartment. Investors houses, which will go to such a proposal should be prepared to pay extra for a significant opportunity to complete construction of the apartments.

"The construction stops and becomes problematic in several cases. First, a scam that was not originally planned to complete construction of the building. There may be problems with the documents, and double sales. Secondly, it is the developer who simply miscalculated their strength and by selling all the apartments, needs extra money. In both cases you will have to make extra money. And, judging by the stories with unfinished projects that are currently available on the market, the volume dopvlozheny can equal 50% of the purchase price ", - says head of sales of LCD ParkStone Dmitry Shostya commenting corresponding initiative bankers.

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Another problem to be faced by investors, even finding the extra money - it is impossible to sign lucrative contracts with construction companies to complete the construction of houses.

"The question will be rested, for example, in the purchase of building materials. For the construction of the unit they will be much more expensive than the wholesale customer level "Kyivmiskbud." In addition, it would be difficult to find a contractor who will be willing to work for minimum margin under the scrutiny of the initiative group that wishes - after a bad experience - check every brick "- adds D.Shostya.

At the same time, problem-builder would be beneficial to give into the hands of investors unfinished and forget about their problems.

"It is possible that part of the problem of developers may soon come up with similar initiatives through its lobbyists in government. These may be companies who, for one reason or another are not under the assistance program from the state of unfinished "- suggests the expert.

Earlier, during a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Justice, representatives of one of the banking associations have voiced the opinion that the practice of transferring unfinished buildings defrauded buyers of apartments will balance the rights of property developers and investors. Bankers suggested combining affected investors building an alliance for the courts of the right to self-completion facility. According to various sources, today in Ukraine there are about 120 thousand people who have invested in new buildings, but have not received housing, for which they get paid.

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