Deficiencies in the apartment? Builder to the law!

27.09.2010 07:17
Articles about real estate | Deficiencies in the apartment? Builder to the law! Everyone wants to live in comfort, and for the quality of ready to spread a certain amount of money. How to be in a situation, if after all, buying an apartment in the new house, we see obvious deficiencies? One answer - in this case, Russian law is there to protect the buyer, and gives him broad authority to requirements by the developer. The first law that regulates the rights - it's the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights. The main criterion of quality is defined agreement as the most common legal form of the relationship of the consumer and the artist.

Legal consequences in case of defects fixed station. 29 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights, based on the buyer, may require: free of charge deficiencies of the work performed, the corresponding decrease in the price of the work performed, reimbursement of the costs of remedial work done on their own or third parties. Also, the consumer has the right to cancel the agreement if a specified period of deficiencies are not corrected by the Executive. In addition, he may demand full compensation for damages.

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Further, the guardian of human rights advocates federal law "On Participation in the shared construction of apartment buildings and other real estate and on amending some legislative acts of the Russian Federation, which governs the responsibilities of the developer in terms of quality to sell apartments. This confirms the article. 7 of the Act: the developer is obliged to provide members with the object of shared construction quality that meets the conditions of the contract, project documentation and town planning regulations, as well as a number of other requirements, these agreement.

Therefore, if the object is shared construction built with violations stipulated in the contract, participatory construction may require the developer: free elimination of deficiencies within a reasonable time, the corresponding decrease in the contract price, compensation for its costs to address the deficiencies.

What else can use the money for billboards in bad faith against the builder? In addition to the requirements specified by federal laws, the consumer may also apply to public authorities. According to the Regulations of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare Federal Service acts as the authorized federal executive body that performs the functions of control and supervision in the field of sanitary and epidemiological safety, consumer protection and consumer markets.

If there are spore situation with the developer, the purchaser may apply to the prosecutor, as appropriate prosecuting authorities are involved in identifying and addressing violations of civil rights in this area. And finally, the Federal Financial Markets Service is entrusted with the government regulations in the area of shared construction of apartment houses and other real estate.
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