Deed of gift of real estate - a few rules of design

10.11.2010 04:38
If you want to transfer your property to someone's undivided ownership, there is nothing simpler than the design of dedication to real estate. But when you make a dedication necessary to consider several important points about which we'll tell you.

Donation contract drawn up by you in any place, wherever you are. But if this contract is not registered in the registration service in the city or town where the Giving property, then the contract will have no legal force.

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Draw up a contract to a competent notary public, and then assure him of the registration service. In this case, you must pay for the registration of 1000 rubles, plus a fee for registration of a notary. A month after filing for registration, it will be completed.

Convenient to use the gift certificate in real estate if you do not want the apartment claiming spouse, since this method of transfer of rights to housing becomes full owner of the person who gave shelter.

If in that apartment that you intend to donate, you are going to live for a while, then all these points must be specified in the contract, that is, draw up a contract with a number of conditions.

If you wish to donate part of the apartment, such as a room in a communal, then before your dedication to the estate should be denied all the neighbors from the purchase of this property. Otherwise, the transaction may be invalidated
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