Deceptively enticing: a second home abroad

25.09.2010 08:20
Many of our compatriots want to buy a second home abroad. But real estate, which has seemingly put an eye, sometimes very surprising ...

Want it!
Usually begin with tours of exhibitions, shtudirovaniya Internet calls in the big and not so domestic companies. And with negotiations with foreign firms having a representative here. Due to the abundance of information - you want it! But here the choice is made. And it turns out that not all as smooth as in the picture, and shortcomings of the future home is more than enough. This building features, and nuances of taxation and other legal niceties. On most of them are selling real estate company for some reason forget to warn. And our people will learn from your experiences. And their stories ...

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Peculiarities of national ceilings
After several trips to Turkey, Vadim and Irina decided to buy an apartment there. Cheap apartments with good service can be purchased in a new residential complex, designed for the residence of foreigners. After another summer vacation the couple have firmly decided that next season will have to stay in his apartment.

Built apartment complexes, Vadim and Irina in Turkey have seen anywhere. Collected business cards construction companies visited the real estate exhibition in Moscow, where he talked with representatives of Turkish companies that sell ready-made housing in our market. And started immediately choice of apartment. The guys at elektronku sent photos of interest to their homes. By the time of viewing on the site of the selected apartment young people already knew everything - and it looks like the house itself and what is inside the apartment. We stopped at the apartment with one bedroom and a kitchen (60 sqm. M).

Selected apartments in newly built house were very comfortable and solidly decorated, with a swimming pool. In some of the neighboring apartments were already living Europeans. But as soon as Vadim and Irina entered the apartment, he immediately experienced discomfort. Ceilings! Their height should not exceed 2,2 meters! A little later, the guys ask the sellers why. It turns out that this is the standard height for Turkey. And it is not uncommon in the housing premium. Saving building materials? Not at all. Just average height of men in Turkey - 166 cm ..

No less surprised by Vadim and Irina uncharacteristic for Russia finishing materials in the apartment. Paul not only in the bathroom and the kitchen, but in the living room, bedroom was covered with ceramic tiles. It turns out, as explained sellers in hot climates ceramics creates a sense of coolness. Apartments on the other trim is most often simply not provided the project.

After weighing all the pros and cons, the pair bought apartments in the selected facility. But young people have concluded that indeed not all the features of real estate can be found through a computer monitor.

Nine months, as it should ...

Paul got an apartment in Berlin, but it turned out that to enter and start living in it is not so simple. The point is the following. Sold his property for eight years leased. According to the law of this country, if the tenant lives in an apartment less than eight years, the deadline for the eviction - 3 months. If more, then find a new rental housing, he may, within 9 months. Since the apartment the previous owner had rented for more than eight years ago, Paul had to wait for settlement of their property as much as 9 months.

When buying a young man was surprised and that all financial transactions take place by bank transfer. Our people are accustomed to another: the money in the transaction are transferred from buyer to seller through the deposit box. In Germany the buyer after signing the sales contract lists the amount by bank transfer. Prior to the transfer of money the seller has to pay every debt, and the buyer - to pay for permit Manager to join a community of owners (if required). Money is transferred only after the notary will make a preliminary record in the land book on the new owner. The Germans believe that a mandatory cashless fully protects the rights of buyers.

Windows with transom

Many of our compatriots who have decided to buy a property in Europe, surprised and appearance of residential buildings. For example, Olga says that bought an apartment in the historical heart of Stockholm, in a house built a few centuries ago. But stay in it very strange. The windows are very small and light in the apartment gets a little, so all the time we have to use electricity.

But to the pleasant shopping experience apartments in European cities can be attributed sizes of balconies and terraces. Most often they are nothing like the Russian close balconies. For example, in Milan in apartment 180 square. m you can see a terrace size of 120 square kilometers. pm and in Spanish penthouse at the terrace, and sometimes have to do up to 150 square meters. m

Kitchen in a closet

Abroad is not so often see familiar in our understanding of the kitchen: a single fairly large room with a window. If the sale studio apartment, the kitchen there is generally not available.

Michael has acquired two bedroom apartment (similar to our "treshki") in Spain. The total footage apartment was about 70 square meters. m. In the advertisement was announced apartment with kitchen. But in reality it turned out that kitchen - it's a tiny room with an area 2.5 square meters. m without windows. Something like a closet, though, with all communications and even built-in furniture. And this despite a solid overall footage apartment.

Apartments with similar cuisines can be found in other countries, mostly in Germany and Israel.

The second option, which was not used Russian buyer. Kitchen, as such, may be absent. In Greece, even in houses with solid footage of the kitchen is traditionally combined with the dining room. This is a great space, usually occupies the entire first floor of the house. And in Bulgaria, it is often combined not only with the dining room, but also from the hallway.

No secrets from our neighbors

Ilya became the owner of apartments in high-quality residential complex in Thailand, designed for foreigners. The pictures in the agency all looked very tempting. Not found any pitfalls and inspection, and then buying a property. But after the first night in an apartment purchased Ilya disappointed with your purchase.

In the evening, turning off the TV, behind the wall he heard a neighbor's television. The next few days have shown that talking in the apartment can only be a whisper, as Ilya perfectly hear what talking behind a wall on the right and left, as well as top and bottom. The man asked the representatives of the company where to buy real estate. It turned out that nobody even thought to deceive. Even in the qualitative housing complex in Thailand thickness mezhkvartirnyh partitions - only ten centimeters. It is also building standards. As the ceilings in Turkey.

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