Deceived by gardeners: if you have brought with communications

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Articles about real estate | Deceived by gardeners: if you have brought with communications Plots without a contract pulled the suburban real estate market in 2009 and helped as a developer - do not go broke, and ordinary citizens - to get a hitherto inaccessible property. But buying land without communications for "penny" - is the risk in the future to spend an amount exceeding the purchase price! It is necessary to insure themselves in advance and verify the number of mandatory moments before the deal.

In 2009, during the crisis turmoil, many market players country saved a shift towards the sale of land without a contract. The current, 2011 year is called the revival of a country market: developers gradually raise prices, and some players even said that the demand for their facilities has exceeded pre-crisis. True, we should understand that such an increase in demand is largely ensured by the fact that objects have become more democratic and more accessible to the buyer.

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Investment demand remains minimal: according to the managing company ZemAktiv, it does not exceed 3% of the total number of buyers. Others, taking advantage of relatively favorable moment, to buy housing for themselves. Although the renewed interest in organized towns, most actively continue to sell plots without a contract. In the far suburbs (outside the 100-kilometer zone from the Moscow Ring Road) may also find even in the 10 thousand rubles. for a hundred.

Analysts at Blackwood give the following data on land prices without a contract in the projects launched into the market in April 2011: in the village Vladychino (21 km from Moscow to Leningrad Highway) the cost of plots without a contract and without communication starts from 30 thousand rubles. In the village of needle (50 km from Moscow on New Riga) cost weave without a contract, but with communications, starts from 120 rubles.

gas meter plots without a contract has, by various estimates, 60-70% of total demand, and potentially the next few years this figure is unlikely to be reduced by more than 40-50%.

Buying land without a contract - a good option to acquire the property for those who previously could not afford it. At the same time it is a risky purchase, especially if the site without communications. In a first approximation, 10 hectare plot in the 50-kilometer zone from the Moscow Ring Road will require investments of about 200 thousand rubles. by summing up communications. And if the developer promised communication, alas, this does not mean that the promise will be kept.

Not for nothing in everyday life, along with "defrauded real estate investors," appeared and the term "deluded vacationers - their ranks join in the first place buyers plots without a contract, which" threw "a summing up of communications, but they are not alone.
How to minimize the risk of being cheated in the position of summer resident?

"There are a few simple rules that will help minimize your risks when buying the land - says commercial director Uniparx Service Alexander Kovalenko. - First: Read the documents on the ground. Land should be a category of land settlement with the permitted type of use (RVI) for individual housing construction, or category of agricultural land with RVI under the dacha or garden building. If the RVI's all right, ask the developer documents proving that he is the owner of the land and all of it paid off. In that case, if the developer did not pay for it your retailer, the court may take it away at any moment, and, accordingly, your site has already paid big problems. "

Followed by a thorough study contract. Key points:

The contract must be designated the entire amount you pay to the seller;
Payment must be conducted through the bank;
it shall be possible unilateral termination of the contract in case of default by the seller of its obligations.

master connects communications "then you should check whether the developer to pass your land on time and meet its obligations to sum up communications. To do this, ask him information on technical specifications, as well as find out where the nearest point of connection of electricity and gas. Perhaps the company has not yet received technical specifications, then it is better to apply to the Power Grid Company, which serves your area. There you should find out whether there is spare capacity for your village and see if your developer is negotiating the connection "- the Council, Alexander Kovalenko.

"It is better to insure themselves at a stage of buying, considering the prospects vending project from several perspectives. First, the credibility of the company and commitment to its past projects. Secondly, it is important to assess whether there is a developer technical capabilities to fulfill obligations with respect to laying communications. The Company shall provide documentary evidence of their plans: the received specifications and authorization to summarize communications. And, thirdly, the company should be money for the fulfillment of obligations. First of all, it proceeds from the sale of objects. Therefore, when deciding important to assess the pace of sales. If they are good, therefore, the remaining conditions are feasible, "- says its recommendations sales manager of Villagio Estate Alex Short.
What to do if you are still cheated and did not fulfill the conditions for summarization of communication?

three in kostyumahVozmozhno whether to conduct communication in the home? Yes, but it's pretty expensive. "Through his dacha non-commercial partnership (DNP) or yard-profit association (SNT) to check with the company's power grid power availability and cost of their summing up to the village. So we'll have to fork out serious. In some cases the amount will come out even more than the cost the land ", - said Alexander Kovalenko.

"The house in the cottage without summing up communications should not be regarded as a purchase. Private person to bring communications to your home by yourself (even with the association in groups of 10 people) is difficult, so it's not worth the low price offered by the seller. The only option summarizing communications, for which has at least some sense to take yourself - well drilling and installation of battery drain, but it will take to get permission. At least to the site must be supplied electricity "- warns Alex Short.

In this case, according to an expert today among all organized townships suburban property offering plots without a contract, the initial stage of sales not more than 5% of the total number of settlements are sold already let down communications. The remaining 95% of their promise to summing up in the future.

"Most of the settlements, intending summarizing communications will soon have the endorsement of the TU (technical specifications) in their summing up. Part of the developers, about 30%, still do not have specifications and only suggest the possibility of communication at this site "- leads and more comforting statistic Alex Short.

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