Dangers of low-cost flats

23.10.2010 21:25
Buying property - an expensive and valuable acquisition in human life.<br />That is why it is important to count each step and certainly need to be wary of unreasonably low-cost options. Announcement of sale of flats with a low price may be an ordinary mousetrap with free cheese.<br /><br />Trick fraudsters<br />It should be borne in mind that it is tempting low prices often are combined with deceptive intent. Low-cost apartments - one of the main tricks of swindlers. And often the worst for the new homeowners discovered after the deal, says the magazine Real Estate and prices. "Facts are opened all kinds of encumbrances apartments from third parties, forgery for the real estate, passports, etc.<br /><br />All this may lead to recognition of the transaction invalid. It happens that the cheaters specially exhibited in the declaration of a cheap price of the apartment to her to form a queue, and then take advances from customers and hide. To recover their money in such cases is very difficult and often impossible, "- says Svetlana Birini, head of the department of urban real estate company NDV-Real Estate.<br /><br />Pitfalls in a respectable buyer, quite a lot. According to the Moscow Association of Realtors, today nearly half of all transactions accounted for the informal market, and about a quarter done with the participation of so-called black brokers.<br /><br />When buying a home experts recommend paying attention to the documents of title the seller, for example of when a contract was signed purchase and sale. The fact that the apartment is purchased for the month prior to the sale and offer prices are low, should alert the buyer.<br /><br />It put by fraud may be in another. For example, you bought an apartment and later found out that the seller it is disabled and the transaction may not participate. The result for the buyer's abysmal: no money, no apartment. "It is necessary to clarify whether the seller is not flat on the account in the mental or drug treatment clinic, - advises S. Birini. - You should check the availability of arrears on utilities and telephone charges, who was the previous owner of the dwelling and where departed after the sale of this apartment. In other words, try to reconstruct the history of the apartment. "<br /><br />How to do it? Collect such information only to the touch, that is, talking to neighbors, preferably two or three apartments, talking with residents in the yard, with the chairman of TSG or concierge. Self-neglect investigation, especially if the housing problem is solved without the involvement of experienced realtors, not worth it.<br /><br />When buying a cheap apartment should also pay attention to whether all property owners (there may be a few) are willing to sell their boxes at such a low price. To this end, Andrew Ufimtsev, sales director of "New Quality", advises to communicate with each of them separately.<br /><br />Neighbor-rowdy as a bonus<br />It should be noted that not every apartment, priced at 20-25% below market - the work of fraudsters. "Sometimes the causes of such price anomalies are circumstances that would otherwise as a personal force majeure will not name, - says Mikhail Razdolsky, head of" The October field "company" Inkom-real estate. " - As a rule, this is a situation where money is needed very urgently. "<br /><br />Underestimated the cost of expensive segment, "says A. Ufimtsev may mean selling the bank deposit on an apartment liquidity costs, which should not be afraid. The risk level is low. Besides, adds Artem Kochanowski, director of real estate EA Greatreality, can sell cheaper housing in the rent contract when the buyer becomes full owner only after the death of the seller apartment.<br /><br />And yet, as a rule, low price - a consequence of certain defects in the apartment. For example, the first floor, under which the basement is damp or the top floor with a leaking roof. A wall socket apartments can "cry", because of what the rooms will be humid and cold in winter. On prices by reducing them affect unpresentable views, lack of repair, the old communication, emergency condition of the house, etc. And many of the defects detected at first sight is often very difficult.<br /><br />Many residential owners hide flaws. For example, an apartment in a house where a number of railway, can show at a time when the timetables of trains break. Disadvantaged neighbors - a separate issue.<br /><br />They get a buyer of cheap housing, apparently, as a bonus. They may, for example, drinking and deboshiryaschie citizens. "Trick might be and the apartment on the second floor when the windows is an entrance canopy or near the fire escape.<br /><br />This property can easily become the object of attention of thieves. Second floor apartments are often over offices of various companies, which also can be fraught with consequences. For example, in a warehouse at night with the noise may drive up trucks "- gives the example of A. Kochanowski.<br /><br />In other words, underestimated the cost of apartments should always alert the buyer observes the expert, especially if it costs 40-50% less than the market. For example, in panel houses in residential area of Moscow suspicious price of 2 thousand dollars / sq. m in the center of Moscow - the price of an apartment house in the CC value of 4-5 thousand / sq. m<br /><br />Compass for the price<br />Navigate in the real estate market and understand underestimated the cost of housing or is it an adequate price, will help the knowledge of those factors which it is formed. One of them - this is the location of the house. For example, in the heart of the capital cost of 1 square. m may be two times higher than in the south or south-east of the city. Another important factor is proximity to the subway station.<br /><br />This circumstance can increase the cost of an apartment at 10-20%. "Within one area of great impact on the price category, and provides state of the house - says Alexei Shlenov, CEO of MIEL-Brokerage. - Cost of a square in a modern monolith-brick building rises over the old panel five-story building at 30-40%.<br /><br />The first floor immediately reduces the cost by about 10% (except for apartments on the first line of houses in through the ground from which we can make non-residential premises for commercial use). The windows on the busy streets of the industrial area or residence - minus 10.5%. The top floor is an unsightly or staircase - minus 2-5%. A good renovation, on the contrary, adds 5 to 20%. "<br /><br />With regard to legal aspects, the first drop the price problem situations with legal documents. For example, when it is impossible to exclude a claim against the buyer of the flat section of unaccounted for apartments heirs, spouses, and children whose rights have been violated.<br /><br />Also check the adequacy of price is possible, comparing it with the average performance. So, according to M. Razdolsky in July cost of 1 square. m in the economy class segment reached 154.4 thousand rubles. In the segment of business-class average price of 1 square. m amounted to 210.9 thousand rubles. And finally, the most expensive deals of the elite segment is estimated at an average of 237.4 thousand rubles per sq. m<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com ">www.zagorodna.com </a><br />
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