Dangerous than our kitchen?

18.11.2010 07:02
Articles about real estate | Dangerous than our kitchen? We live in homes saturated with electrical appliances of different purposes. We are surrounded by electric cookers, electric kettles, electric irons, refrigerators, televisions, telephones ... Every appliance generates electromagnetic radiation. In the press, the Internet, on TV regularly talk about how appliances harms our health. Radiophobia or electromagnetic sensitivity syndrome have turned into a real illness of 21 centuries.

What is really dangerous appliances, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from electromagnetic radiation, household chemicals and other hazards that can trap us in the kitchen, especially for the site idealkitchen.ru - Kitchen Design, our experts tell us.

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Electromagnetic radiation
Anton Yastrebtsev, director of "Ecology of living space"

All appliances are certified domestic purposes. That is, the competent authorities, often Rospotrebnadzor and certify that these devices meet certain standards, and harm from their use is minimal.

All electrical appliances generate electromagnetic radiation. However, all instrumentation is different. So, kettles, electric irons, refrigerators in the process, electrical cables create a field of industrial frequency (in our country and Europe - 50 Hz), microwave ovens create a field-frequency and microwave frequency during operation. Peacefully sleeping at the base station handset phone (standard DECT) extends the field of radio frequency band, cell phone - the microwave band reception. In modern life, to do without these things is almost impossible, but it is possible to reduce their harm to the body. Consider the major risks in order of danger:

Microwave oven. Many of her fear, and rightly so! Thing in the household utility, but something about it should still know: The furnace in the cooking process emits a very strong electric and magnetic fields in the microwave range (high frequency, similar to mobile phone radiation). Depending on the load, its field within a radius of 1 meter in the 10-20 or more times a field from the mobile phone during a conversation. So - put in an oven dish, turn on and waste away. Better in another room. It is obvious that the microwave does not have to put on the dinner table, and then turn it on, sit down and watch TV. Extra stress for your body to anything!

Mobile phone. About it everyone knows that it is dangerous as a small microwave oven in your hand, but most phone radiation gives only during a call (reception). Forced to disappoint - the safest way of using mobile phones - over a wired headset. The phone should not even be on the belt - Why irradiate internal organs? Bluetooth is only relatively safe because it also emits a microwave field-band reception. True, the field is very weak - the distance to the "base" (the phone) is small, but because it is possible to recognize such a way to communicate relatively safe.

Energy-saving lamps. The most unexpected source of danger for many people can be energy-saving lamps. Many people fear them because of the presence of mercury (it or not is unimportant to them or not enough, hundreds of times less than in the ordinary medical thermometer), someone from the presence of ultraviolet radiation, which is bad for your skin. However, for some reason, overlooked that these bulbs, so widely spread, produce a very strong field of radio frequency band. Will not go into technical details - the field produces a built-in lamp starter, without which the light bulb just will not shine. Even we are not the most stringent standards for electromagnetic radiation has always exceeded at a distance of 1 meter from a glowing bulb. Tip: Do not use energy-saving lamps close to the head - in a lamp, table lamps. Do not confuse energy-saving lamps with halogen - they are almost harmless, they can be used for close lighting, as well as incandescent bulbs, which are also almost harmless.

TV. TV in addition to the field of industrial frequency spreads pretty strong field, and other frequencies, but this is probably the only TV kinescope, which is now moribund, and all less common in private homes. In the 90 years the market was littered with not-certified models, from which it is better to stay away in the truest sense of the word. Generally the same - to a TV with a cathode-ray tube is better not to approach closer than 1.5 meters. But modern televisions with LCD screen, a plasma screen is practically harmless in terms of electromagnetic radiation. Even if you sit very close to this TV special harm to your body to do so would, except for damage to the eyes.

Cables and wiring, sockets. Contrary to popular belief, sockets and wiring that will create around himself a strong box, unless they are under stress and grounded. That's why I advise to turn off electrical appliances from the sockets when not in use. In this case, there is no load on the wiring, and hence there is no field. But the cables passing through the house (most often they are in the stairwells, but in the immediate vicinity of the apartment: it is enough to look out into the hall and see the electrical panel), by contrast, spread a very strong field of industrial frequency. And the more apartments connected to the cable, the more load on it. Especially in the evening when all residents of the home watching television, cooking and other things. Well, if the apartment is great, sleeping and resting places are separated from the cable at least 5 meters. And if a little? In the one-bedroom apartments is a real problem. Council - sleeping places are on the largest distance from the electrical panel.

Phone (standard DECT). Telephones recently changed a lot. Appeared cordless handsets and apartments. The device seems to be simple - the base and handset. If you know the phone is something else, then the danger is gone. The highest radiation (radiofrequency) creates even a tube and the base. And because the base of the head of the bed should be kept away - by 2-3 meters, not put up closer than 0,5-1,0 meters from the bed. And it is desirable to keep up on the basis of radiation will be less. During a call man, too, is subjected to irradiation comparable with exposure from mobile phone, but worth bearing in mind that the distance between the handset and the base station is small - usually 4-5 meters, and therefore the phone does not need a lot of energy to transmit a signal to the same exposure relatively short - the load on the body is small.

Power supplies. Power supplies of various office equipment, battery chargers are very many people like to leave included in the socket. But in vain! These blocks contain an electromagnet and connecting distribute a powerful magnetic field at a distance of 1 meter. Turn off these devices from the network, if you do not use, but if you are using, keep them away from places of rest and work.

Standard appliances: kettle, cooker, fridge. While they work alongside you can be relatively long period of time. No harm electromagnetic field of these devices will not cause, but must still resting places, seats have more than 1-1,5 meters from the stove and refrigerator. The more powerful device, the greater the field in the process it produces a greater distance. In any case, five feet more than enough to field an electrical appliance is not able to detect even the most precise instruments.

A small note: there are people with special sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, which is even a small exposure causes severe allergies, so if you have any doubts about the presence in your house or apartment high electromagnetic fields, refer to specialists from the accredited laboratory for measurement.

"Modern man spends most of their time indoors, so the only good environmental situation of housing and the workplace can be a guarantee of health. According to statistics from the expert department EcoStandard group, exceeding the level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in a room is one of the most common problems. Its found in 77% of cases. To protect themselves from high levels of radiation, not giving up the benefits of civilization, we must choose a modern, maximum safety equipment, operation of which complies with the environmental requirements and standards.

Should adhere to basic safety measures that will help reduce the risk of adverse health effects to a minimum: time off electrical appliances comply with the rules of the computer: the monitor screen should be at least 50 inches from the user's eyes. "

Apart from electromagnetic radiation, it is worth thinking about protection from other hazards of urban life. For example, on air pollution and household chemicals.

Air pollution
"The authoritative American College of Physicians acknowledged that 50% of human diseases, or caused, or exacerbated by air pollution in apartments and office spaces. Air pollutants may be contained in the finishing materials, household chemicals, furniture components, vehicle exhaust. Protect themselves from the negative effects of major air pollutants can be: it should be instead of chemicals to choose products that contain natural ingredients, it is also desirable to install treatment systems. To create an enabling environment of the atmosphere in the house we recommend that you pay special attention to the plants - this is the easiest way to clean the air in your apartment. Also need to ventilate the room before going to bed. "

Household chemicals
No household is difficult to do. But do not underestimate the harm it can bring to our health. Environmentalists warned: most used synthetic detergents contain hazardous substances that cause skin irritation and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose, difficulty breathing, coughing and asthma attacks, increase the risk of allergies and even cancer.

Vera Bakasheva, spokesman for the Russian branch of Greenpeace
Try not to exceed the concentrations indicated on the packaging. Thoroughly rinse or flush household chemicals and do not forget about utility gloves and protective creams.

Be sure to pay attention to what is written on the label and instructions! Avoid products containing chlorine (sodium hypochlorite), phenols and formaldehyde. Ask what percentage of the surface-active substances (SAS). They come in three basic types: anionic, cationic and nonionic. The most dangerous - anion (A-SAA). They cause immunity disorders, allergies, damage to the brain, liver, kidneys and lungs. Keep in mind when using detergent surfactants gets to you in an organism, as even a tenfold rinse in hot water is not completely free stuff and glassware from the chemicals. To reduce the adverse effects, use the funds in which the content of A-SAW does not exceed 5%.

If possible, use safer alternatives to chemicals. Vinegar, for example, can effectively remove wax stains and spots from various resins, fine disinfects (pure vinegar can be safely used to treat toilet), cleans tile, tile (just do not forget to properly ventilate the area), remove the scum (refill with water a little vinegar, stir, rinse - and voila!). Lemon juice can be used for removing rust stains from cookware. And fans of pleasant odors can switch from air fresheners to natural natural oils and essences - lemon, eucalyptus, fir, orange, lavender.
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