DAEC Yalta «digs» at the elite construction of Nikita Botanical Gardens

28.08.2010 09:45
Department for Combating Economic Crimes Yalta is investigating fraud in the construction of much-touted luxury apartments "Nikita palace" near the Nikita Botanical Gardens. About this with reference to the investigation of the Yalta journalists reported "New Region".

The investigation uncovers the scheme, in which Ukrainian developers to conduct illegal construction of protected areas of the Southern coast of Crimea, and ways of cheating customers "elite" of the Crimean estate.

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It turned out that the construction of the Palace "is in place uprooted vines Institute of Wine and Grape Magarach. After harvesting the vineyards and olive groves of the builders have put stones in their place a few squares that decision of the municipal court of the city of Nikolayev (outside of the Crimea. - Ed.) Were considered "unfinished". Then, the same court ordered the Massandra village council to transfer land to rent real estate developer - OOO "South Beach" - to complete construction.

However, the land lease contract involved the construction of a boarding house for the rest of parents with children who did not expect commercial real estate.

Builders have repeatedly invaded the neighboring sections of local residents: There were more than 100 lawsuits.

They cheated and their clients. The latter were not warned that, having decided to sell the purchased apartments, they will pay tax at 30% of their value (from $ 3000 per sqm. M). In this case, "apartments" rule out the possibility to register them or get a residence permit.

But the main danger is fraught with a unique plot, which was situated vineyard. After its cutting plant roots do not hold back the landslide, which is why the court went cracks. And on the road beneath it appeared breaks the asphalt. This indicates a problem builders in designing and laying the foundation.

As a result, if the smart object itself is destroyed, it may suffer the fate of "cottage community", which was built earlier in the Nikita Botanical Gardens instead of the lease "Fitotsentra. Supreme Court of Ukraine made a decision on its demolition, even though people 5 years ago became the owners of cottages, were bona fide purchasers of real estate construction company "Consol", owned by the current Speaker of the Sun Crimea.
New Region
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