Dacha in the Crimea will be cheaper than in Moscow

01.10.2012 00:30
Articles about real estate | Dacha in the Crimea will be cheaper than in Moscow Crimea - the territory, causing the Russians heterogeneous feelings. Politicized part of the public clearly feels "phantom pain", there are wrongs on Khrushchev and the Ukraine. Someone - the widely known logic that "sour grapes" - trying to prove that our native Krasnodar no worse. Well, most of the modern Russians "bacilli" political passion is not infected. These people just go to the Crimea, enjoying nature, and there the sea. And, above all, the ancient Tavrida is also quite ambitious real estate market - says "Real Estate Magazine MetrInfo.Ru» in the article "Crimea:" abroad ", where everyone speaks in Russian. Buy property here simply, there are options for leisure and business. Prices are three times lower than in Moscow. "

According to the Gordon Rock, the price of 1 square. m in Yalta is the highest in the Crimea - in July of this year, it was $ 1,600. In other South Coast towns (Alushta, Gurzuf Simeiz ...) prices lower, but can not say that very much - the difference is not more than 10%. Property prices in the south-west and south-east is much lower than on the South Coast - their average value is around $ 1,100 per square meter. m, the individual most pretentious object reaches $ 2000 - but not much more.

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Of course, in the Crimea, there are internal - that begins at a distance of 4-5 km from the sea. Vacationers are completely uninteresting, resort real estate is not there at all. But the market is, of course, is - the one where there are local residents. The first of the "internal" town - it is, without a doubt, Simferopol. Capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the capital, in which all government agencies. Status of the capital of Simferopol, rotating it cash led to the real estate market in it actively. And new facilities are being built - mostly class "business" and "premium" 1 square. m which is about $ 2-2.5 thousand

Ukrainian legislation does not prevent foreigners (and Russians in particular) to purchase real estate. An alien is required to obtain a taxpayer identification number Ukraine it can be done in one day, while paying a very small amount. The conditions are the same as for Ukrainian citizens: the contract of sale of 1% is payable to the Pension Fund and 1% state tax. The final 2% are usually divided between the seller and the buyer.


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