Cyprus: villas near the sea will become scarce

22.09.2010 07:36
Pretty soon, buy a "first hand" a villa in Cyprus Limassol (second largest city in the warm Mediterranean republic) is no longer available. The fact that it is now built up with the latest on the waterfront of Limassol is still a free land. Built homes can be purchased from the company-developer, but then have to have to deal with "secondary housing.<br /><br />Cyprus - one of the countries to prefer to invest the money of Russian investors. In the first quarter of 4.6% of applications to purchase foreign real estate concentrated in the Cyprus area. As director of the department told the real estate company Knight Frank Elena Yurgeneva, the data held by the client survey showed that an increasing number of wealthy Russians are interested in purchasing high-end resort real estate in Cyprus. "Several years ago, perhaps, the occurrence of Cyprus in the top 5 premium spa preference would have caused me considerable surprise, but now it is quite logical, the more that it has a number of major assumptions," - says the expert.<br /><br />How to explain intelligence, good demand even in a crisis worsened by the fact that property prices in the country as a whole is 20-30% lower than in some European countries (such as Spain, Portugal). Involves with the gentle (compared to Russian) and mortgage rates - for non-resident rate may reach a total of 8% per annum. In addition, it is enough to spend to buy property worth 300 thousand euros in order to qualify for a residence permit in the Republic of Cyprus.<br /><br />Although, we must pay tribute, elite real estate Cyprus can hardly be called public, even among other things being equal. Thus, the draft Halcyon's, which implements the oldest developer of the country - the company Stavros Demosthenous Developers ltd (entered the market in 1962), prices for villas start at 3.5 million euros for the object and reach 11.2 million euros for the finished object. But local banks (as well as the Cyprus Branch of the Russian and other international banks) willing to lend to the purchase of the property on the local conditions, said sales manager Stavros Demosthenous Andreas Papapetrou. Moreover, as shared in the office of the company's sales, home prices in the project Halcyon's by no means are the highest: there are projects of other developers, with recent offers villas more expensive than 40 million euros. Advertised prices do not include VAT (15%), but the existing legislation allows the Russians to the purchase to avoid double taxation.<br /><br />There are, of course, and more accessible facilities: thus, according to the company Pafilia, the lower price segment - 115 thousand euros for a 1-bedroom apartment near Paphos, 5 km from the sea. The proximity to the coast, increasing the area of the object and the quality of construction, respectively, can substantially affect the price - of course, a big party.<br /><br /><strong>Elite. With conditions</strong><br />In Limassol, of course, plenty of choice of luxury homes there. Should at least go online and you will discover a lot of suggestions. But, of course, is to understand that house home discord, the shoreline is limited (besides most of it occupied by hotels), and so villas on the beach much more expensive than similar objects that access to the beach do not have. So good, but still an apartment (with housemates) in three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms can be purchased for 600 thousand euros, but the sellers ask for a villa is ten times more expensive.<br /><br />In addition, it is necessary to accept the fact that even for very large sums of money that will have to pay for the house owner will not be able to become the master "piece of the sea: all the beaches in Cyprus - the public. By law, the city must be equipped with access to the sea for everyone. This also applies to beaches that border the hotel, and the coastline, which are private homes. Therefore, it is often seen on the shores of gorgeous possession of formidable panel: "Do not enter! Private Spaces! Beware of dogs! "- And next to a fence would be a trail to the sea. Nothing can be done: the law is the law.<br /><br />This rule certainly applies to objects in Halcyon's (which, incidentally, can be roughly translated to mean "nest kingfisher." It turns out that the kingfisher bird greatly revered not only in Australia but also in Cyprus). It was designed 14 villas, with one almost ready, six of them are being built, the rest will be completed within 18 months. The villas will be located in two lines, but so that the first line will not overshadow the wonderful views from the second to the Mediterranean Sea: villas on the second line simply located on a hill. Also close by is constructed 5-star hotel, according to Andreas Papapetrou, the hotel will be first put into service spa-center, so that the owners of villas that settled the first to enjoy all services and spa.<br /><br />Six villas Stavros Demosthenous company plans to finish building, and even sell to the end of 2010. The hotel is now, apparently, and not started, so the first home buyers, obviously, would have to go home Jacuzzi, steam room and swimming pool.<br /><br />Want to whether the Russian high-tech?<br />Whatever money or had a buyer, he can hardly find a house in Cyprus, strongly beaten out by its style from the atmosphere, the usual Mediterranean buildings. Suburbs can literally swarm with "medieval" castles, baroque mansions, bruschatymi mansions, estates in the style of Stalin's empire, and even rococo - to choose from. In Cyprus, the same diversity is not enough. But all the houses, careful not to hurt the eyes, no kitsch here.<br /><br />The cost of villa, mainly lies in the internal equipment (although, of course, the quality of external finishes and designs themselves, too, has not been canceled). Thus, in Halcyon's villas are equipped with "Smart House" (management of all equipment, lighting, temperature, touch screen, the system of distribution of music in the six zones at home curtains or blinds with electric drive; management system underfloor heating; Internet management appliances, etc.) . The price of the house included plumbing brands Villeroy & Boch, Dornbracht; American sauna, whirlpool, steam shower, an outdoor swimming pool, some villas project provided a roof garden. In the garden at a location nearby and proposed landscaping. All villas are offered for sale to the finish (and on the client - you can buy and furniture). As described in the sales office, one of the villas have done especially with regard to the preferences Russian buyers. There was dominated by dark colors (such as black marble in the bathrooms, dark furniture), but in general - high-tech.<br /><br />One of the construction of villas are already booked by the buyer. For this it was necessary to deposit 1% (this amount is not refundable in case of refusal to purchase) a month is paid 30% of project cost. The remaining amount (70%) can pay for several years - depending on the mortgage banking program.<br /><br />Anyway, Halcyon's, according to representatives of the developer Stavros Demosthenous, - the last waterfront project in Limassol. The company bought the remaining undeveloped land near the sea, next to the picturesque ruins of the ancient city of Amathus. Soon faded earth will disappear under new houses. And developers have to learn other coastal areas.<br /><br /><br />
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