6 customer fears faced by realtors

10.12.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate | Customers are afraid of Realtors Similar problem is easy to identify the client . Its main feature - the abundance of small and silence expressed doubts and objections. Professional Realtor is well versed in their fears and potential customer is able to neutralize them or not , in principle, to give them appear. Below are six basic fears buyers and sellers of real estate , which realtors repeatedly face in their work .

Fear make the wrong decision

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This fear often manifests itself in indecision. Customer, subject to such fear , certainly says that before he would sign any paper with a realtor , he should talk with someone he really trusts. Most often it is the husband / wife , parents, one with experience of real estate transactions , etc.

Fear of any decision

This is a more complicated case . These clients most arguments Realtors say the same thing : " First I need to think carefully all ."

fear of change

These customers ask realtor not rush things , give them time . They are so afraid of any changes that they can absolutely not rush to sell its 50- meter apartment , even if the money on a great supplement for " three rubles " long delayed and they are about to become parents for the third time .

The fear of being cheated

Most often, such a peculiar fear clients who had previous negative experiences with realtors . In this case, any agent in their understanding automatically are like their first realtor , which means they are waiting additional guarantees that a new agent has done his job quality in compliance with all its obligations .

Fear of other people's opinions

This problem is directly related to self-esteem and often has a direct connection with the appointment of selling prices for property . Such clients , despite all the arguments and beliefs professional realtor require putting an object on sale at a price above the market just because they can not bear the thought that their relatives, friends or neighbors know that they sell their apartment or house is expensive enough .

Fear of any action without a thorough knowledge of the issue

Customers subject to such fear, is corrosive and meticulous in the details. They asked a thousand questions of clarification , ask realtor give them additional information about the agency , on previous transactions realtor, prices of similar properties in their area , etc. If a realtor is not under the hand of some materials , they agree to get them later , if only to delay the signing of the contract .

Of course, experienced Realtors have their achievements in terms of withdrawal of objections customers and they know how to eliminate the above-mentioned fears of buyers and sellers . However , the best approach in this case - to submit customer compelling evidence that, by signing a contract with it , the client receives the right decision . Disentangling the fears in this article are not always obvious , and do not lie on the surface. As practice shows, they can be completely hidden behind the other objections. The task of a professional realtor lies in the fact that by asking the right questions to identify not only the motivation of a potential customer , but also its possible doubts . Knowing what the customer is afraid , realtor should arguments to convince him that if he would work with him on the worst case scenario, or even simply disadvantageous for the client scenario can not be considered.
Sergei Shevchenko , Director General of the federal network of real estate agencies «DOKI Realty "
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