Crimean Parliament intends to develop a regional program of housing

13.06.2010 20:04
In Crimea, a need to develop a regional program to build housing.

Told the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Vladimir Konstantinov at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the ARC BP for industry, construction, transport, communications and fuel and energy complex in Simferopol, the correspondent wrote.

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According to him, the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine has not yet developed a program to provide affordable housing. "Accordingly, in the regions of matter and can not be solved," - he said.

"We have not done anything at this moment, no movement of the ministry does not offer", - stated Konstantinov.

This speaker said that the Ukrainian construction program so far is "very much elaboration, and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine constantly exposes new conditions to the program, which indicates that it does not want to give money, and the question" zabaltyvaetsya " .

Konstantinov also said that in Ukraine actually sold acreage prices for finished property will have fallen more than doubled, while sales in the joint construction dropped by more than 10 times. "Part of the construction market virtually stopped, wait for it", - said Konstantinov.
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