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13.04.2011 09:43
Articles about real estate | Crimean farmers This week the president signed legislation to "improve land management in the ARC, which the Government of the Crimea was broad supervisory powers under the order of the lands within and outside the settlements, says Mirror weeks.

In fact, without the consent of the Council of Ministers is now no serious operation with the ground can not get through. Additional powers to "curator" the government has received and to provide or change the purpose very tasty land-historical-cultural, forestry, health, recreation, nature reserve purposes, the water fund. Law controversial from the standpoint of the rest of regulating this field of legislation, which, in fact, been changed. And, as became clear from some of the phrases, Viktor Yanukovich in the presidential administration was prepared to veto. Which is logical, knowing the position of now ex-deputy head of the AP Irina Akimova about all sorts of benefits and preferences for a given region.

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However, the President signed the law, and stressed: "This region is no more. And we will create certain conditions for its development, because otherwise the region will die. " He promised that this law - the first swallow. Where the second one (bill on tax spetsrezhime in the ARC) - said today in a loss of Crimea SM: seems to be somewhere along the road between the Committee first vice-premier Klyuyeva and the Verkhovna Rada. But as they say, that they helped us, because the region is "killed" not from a lack of laws but of men - their activity and inactivity.

Investment and the holiday season - two topics that threaten to make the top officials of Crimean possessed supernatural idea. In the sense - cut off from the land where things happen completely opposite dreams, even if they are written in a slender bright minds of strategies and concepts. Perhaps, never in anticipation of the holiday season Crimean authorities did not develop as active efforts to attract tourists.

And never before have so seriously engaged in the regional development strategy with the involvement of expert circles to participate in plans and decisions. But the land is real life that construct the real and only "their" people, pulls down, causing the association with the immortal hero of the great classics. Here, too, guess the desire to "build a huge house with such a high belvedere, which can be seen even from there to Moscow," drink tea in the evening with interesting people and talk about any nice things. "

For example, on how to build a tunnel or a bridge across the Kerch Strait.

Or increase by 50 percent the number of holidaymakers from Russia, who will fly on flights loukosterov for $ 15 round trip.

Or build up the West (East) Crimea chain hotel, recreation centers and push beyond the holiday season to all year.

Or revive the resorts, as a resort medicine - this is our niche!

And bring all this investment. System.

And for investors to believe - to fight corruption and bureaucratic chaos ...

Wow, that's only when the master was betrayed strategic planning in the Temple of solitary contemplation, and the men get drunk, steal a housekeeper, a servant asleep and rake, nothing has itself constructed, not spikes, but from the tree - "a log".

Speaker of the BP Crimea, Vladimir Konstantinov, speaking recently in Strasbourg at a meeting of the Chamber of Regions of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe, said that "over the last year in the economic complex of the Crimea has already invested about $ 800 million, primarily the business sector of the Russian Federation, Germany , USA, France. You'll laugh, but the 815.6 million dollars of direct foreign investment - is all that was invested in the economy of autonomy in all the years of its existence. And she is this year's "knocked" 20!

Sorry, but no one can say how much it is estimated internal off-budget investment in the spa area of ??the peninsula. Because this local "private sector" is the most important investor in the resorts and tourism, recreation and ... corruption. This he now accepts and serves four of the five million tourists a year, as well as army officers and supervisors, because it operates in the shadow and penumbra. For all years of "capitalism" the legislator did not bother to legitimize private pensions and hotels, by applying a reasonable tax for the high yielding cows.

The current administration, under the story about the reforms agreed to this cow, it seems, and does Zadow, and, together with the holiday, as it is for them - the end users - as a result and will bear the burden of additional fees. And if last season's holiday-watching "Beach Revolution - widespread protests by local residents and Landlords against the fence on the outskirts of the sea, then this may well break out revolution" tax ".

Because bloodless resort business escape the shadow is not possible - the term for "voluntary surrender" just does not were taken. Therefore, re-register the land under the mini-hotels and resorts, to replace founding documents, to categorize and certified before the season nobody will not have time. Mess with the tourist tax, which imposed all the settlements, but who will collect, how to pay it, who "organized" tourists, and who - is not (the concept of "Stay" as specified in the Tax Code, in life no longer exists) . Prior to the start of the season - Easter and the May "holidays - left nothing at all, and we can safely assume that this sector is no" internal "investments this year will not be - no one is sure in the future.

Add to this that the fourth month in the Crimea, as elsewhere in the country, however, can not get a state certificate to the ground, and reskomzem gives them only by court order, and the same time, due to the prolonged reorganization of the government, paralyzed by the whole chain of approvals for the construction of . This means that legally no one can begin to build. That is, none at all desire, will not be able to invest in the Crimean economy.

Add to this that confidence in the leadership of the Crimea, many done in recent months to create a legal land market (again - go to the investor!), It is easy to split a single extraordinary session of the Simferopol City Council. Over 13 (trinadtsat!) minutes, without discussing any of the five questions, the deputies voted for the dozens of land acquisition and approved the boundaries of the three parks and three squares of the capital of autonomy. Week, journalists and environmentalists can not get an answer to a simple question: where do they come to lie very boundaries of green zones? In the mayor's office says - is the secret information, marked "for official use."

A casket, apparently just opened. Technical documentation based on which approved the area and boundaries of the park, developed in 2004, but under pressure from "green" is not approved. Then out of the park Gagarin planned to withdraw about six acres - there is now a set of "console", which is affiliated with the current speaker Vladimir Konstantinov. And now the area of ??the park "thin" for a further 1.1 hectares, and the public are very interested - in what place and to whom they prirastut.

And few believe that this ugly history that will change from what the Government of the Crimea now more land office. Or do we offer a dream?

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