Crimean estate attracts Russians

25.10.2010 00:04
Articles about real estate | Crimean estate attracts Russians Today the coast of the Crimea is very similar to Turkey. The same houses with colorful facades, like swallows' nests, closely pressed to each other, generally built hotels and apartment complexes

In recent years, the number of Russians vacationing in the Crimea, has increased, and not by accident. It's no secret that in the Krasnodar region to come up Olympic Games bid up the already high prices and at leisure, and real estate. A Crimean resort property compares favorably with the Russian resort - it's cheaper.

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The price level in the successful projects of the Crimea, situated at a distance of 50-200 m from the sea starts from $ 2500 - $ 3000 per sq. m. In the homes of lower klassnosti, at a considerable distance from the sea is $ 1100-1200 per square meter. m. And the prices for elite housing averaged $ 3000 per sqm. m. The high price of supply in this segment recorded in Yalta and Alushta: $ 3000-5000 per square meter.

Primary real estate market began to recover more of the Crimea in 2009 and continued in 2010. Demand is growing, but indicators 2007-2008, the market has not yet reached. But even with the decline in demand, the proportion of Russians in the total number of buyers Crimean resort real estate is very high, more than half of them, and most of the objects acquired as a distant problem. "
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