Crimea may secede from Ukraine

27.08.2010 20:27
If the water level in the oceans would rise by 50 cm by melting glaciers, sea strait separates Crimea from Ukraine. In connection with global warming, the role of the Strait of time perform Siwash Lake, and the peninsula became an island.

With the appropriate report from the Head of hydrometeorological Mykola Kulbida. The problem of transforming the island of Crimea, Ukrainian scientists intend to study. It will be dedicated to a closed meeting to be held at the Karadag scientific station im.V `yazemskogo.

According to some reports, this summer has already been fixed level rise of the Black Sea to 30-40 cm The president of the Crimean Academy of Sciences Viktor Tarasenko believes that the reason for panic. Processes, which says Kulbida not occur instantly. Theoretically, the Crimea could become an island, but the process of adverse development spread over hundreds of thousands of years "- said the scientist.

Recall summer 2010 abnormally high temperatures were recorded across the globe. This led to what in the Arctic at record rates began to melt the ice. According to the head of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, Russia, Alexander Frolov, the rate of ice melt this year can be broken a record in 2007 The head of Hydromet believes that talk of global warming is too early: it is necessary that at least 30 years of observations to make appropriate conclusions.

We add that in 2010 could be a banner year for the average temperature throughout the Northern Hemisphere.
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