Crimea is still not lost its popularity

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Articles about real estate | Crimea is still not lost its popularity Good old Crimea still has not lost its popularity. Wealthy fans of the Crimean nature willing to pay for exclusive possession of the object of a lot of money.

Healing climatic properties of the Southern coast of the peninsula of Crimea (SCC) was the first in Russia to promote the physician of the royal family Sergei Petrovich Botkin. On his advice, the Romanovs acquired near Yalta, in Livadia, land and built her summer palace. Following the royal family here have started to build cottages and summer palaces of the aristocrats and wealthy industrialists. They also laid in these places orchards and vineyards, unique parks that even today decorate the coast of Crimea.

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Today, construction continues on the peninsula, there are increasing facility, which transforms the shape of the Crimean cities and towns. So today, the sea can look after a property for every budget - from small apartments to luxury apartments or villas. Most in-demand specialists, "Market-Crimea consider housing business and premium class in the area of Yalta. During 2005-2008. it became more expensive in 1,7-2,3 times.

What are the residential complexes of high-price segment in Greater Yalta?

The main factor affecting pricing, of course, is location. Here is how its opinion on the subject head of marketing of "South Beach" Dmitry Panteleimonov: "Living high-class South Coast should be located in a quiet location, not on the seafront, and at 300-500 m from it. It is desirable that a nearby park. Talking about the characteristics of the property, D. Panteleimonov notes that of the panoramic windows of apartments have sea views and mountain views. It is important to the quality of construction and materials used.

"It should be noted that the housing premium and de luxe often positioned in the Crimea as apartments - experts say the company" Market-Crimea ". - The statutory term in Ukraine does not yet exist. Builders and realtors in the region treat it as a luxury housing with a service at the hotel. Service can perform as an operator of the hotel business, as well as a specially created company. In this case, apartment owners may transfer their management company to rent permanently or during his absence or for housing will take care service company representative before the arrival of the owner.

Sometimes the apartments are fully functioning as a hotel complex. Formally, erecting the hotel, the developer is selling rooms apartment as the apartment.

Builders often referred to residential facilities in Yalta apartments, recreation centers or homes for compliance with the law "On the resorts, which permits to build in the 100-meter coastal zone only resort facilities.

The next aspect that draws the attention of the founder of "Respect Service Oleg Nemirovsky - infrastructure and service levels. "Today, customers have become much more demanding for quality real estate. They want and are willing to pay for a wide range of infrastructure and services in the residential complex, especially when it comes to holiday accommodation ", - said the speaker. For the Crimea, in his opinion, would be quite appropriate private beach, spa, pools, restaurants, fitness center, tennis court. Specialists of "Market-Crimea also added parking at the rate of at least two parking lots for the apartment, multi-layered security, fenced area.

The main problem of the Crimea today are communication, recognizes developers. "It's no secret that in Yalta there are problems with water supply. And in order to provide electricity to an object, developers often need to equip the electric substation ", - complains O. Nemirovsky, but immediately adds that the hope for a solution to this question is: are currently preparing a national program for development of the Crimea, calculated for ten years. The budget of 25-30 million dollars will be directed, including improving the quality of local engineers and transport network. Among other plans - building the monorail along the South Coast. Experts believe that should also improve air service, for example, need to extend the small terminal in Belbek, which can take 5 thousand passengers a day, equipped in Alushta airport for business aviation.

It is likely that the aforementioned national program will provide and the development of the Crimea as a year-round resort. The good climatic conditions for that. "At Ai-Petri plans to build another platform, equipped with trails for mountain skis, snowboards. So homeowners in Yalta will be something to do, not only in summer but in winter ", - said A. Nemirovsky. He also points out that this project will involve private capital. Overall favorable political situation D. Panteleimonov notes: "Our president is Viktor Yanukovych strongly promotes the Ukrainian health resorts - rest here, many officials and deputies."

Recently, in Yalta, there have been several landmark objects, which may well be her new business cards. One of them - LCD Respect Hall, which is located in a picturesque location at the foot of Mount Ai-Petri. Two buildings that could be called "sail" and "candle", located in a fenced area of 3 hectares in the historic town of Koreiz. The complex includes 111 residential apartments ranging in size from 72 to 215 sq. m, with floor to ceiling windows, penthouse, as well as a hotel for 21 rooms. Its total area is about 27 thousand square meters. m. Infrastructure Respect Hall includes a spa area with total area of 2,500 square meters. m, four restaurants, conference facilities, three pools, two tennis courts, fitness center, playgrounds and game rooms, marina, underground parking, a certified heliport, etc. Private beach complex has a length of 250 meters in its territory coastal system pools. Leads to it first in the Crimea, a private lift. It is interesting that most of the Respect Hall is magnificent park with old trees, winding paths, pavilions, landscape design. The complex summed autonomous engineering systems. The object is fully constructed and put into operation, has already sold about 65% of the apartments.

A 50 m from the Nikita Botanical Gardens erecting a complex of palace apartments "Nikita's Palace." It consists of five buildings, united stylobate, and includes 153 apartments, ranging from 40 to 250 square meters. m. In the territory of "Nikita Palace" 1 hectare planned infrastructure: private beach 100 m, swimming pools, spas, restaurants, sports and children's playground, underground parking. The architectural concept of the complex is developed on the basis of original sketches of the XIX century. Discovered in state archives in St. Petersburg.

On the market in Yalta there are also several unique facilities - new buildings with history. We are talking about the restored mansions transformed into luxury residential and hotel complexes. One of them - "Villa Elena". At the heart of Yalta, 20 meters from the seafront, in the park is a five-storey mansion in the past - the apartment house. Today, there is high-class hotel and apartments for sale ranging from 51 to 143 square meters. m and a penthouse apartment (255 square meters. m). The first floor is open a small restaurant. In addition, the complex has a spa, fitness center and swimming pool.

In the center of Yalta and the LCD is "House of Composers", consisting of three buildings: the new elite club house and two buildings old mansion built in 1881 - the former estate of composer Alexander Spendiarov. Currently, the mansion is a reconstruction and restoration of the interior, after which there will be recreation for the residents of the complex, restaurant, music room, boutique, room-service, a cigar room and five suites. The new eight-story building with underground parking and accessible roof will house 22 apartments ranging from 40 to 270 sq.m.

An entirely different plan LCD Nautilus. The object of business class, consisting of two six-story buildings, is located not in the Yalta and, in a picturesque corner of Gurzuf. There are apartments, ranging from 57 to 180 kV. m, including infrastructure - private beach length 360 m, swimming pool, promenade and green pedestrian area, shopping and entertainment area. Provide property management services (optional apartment owners can rent out).

Yalta - a city with a population of about 140 thousand people. This is the administrative center of a resort area that bears the name of Big Yalta. It stretches about 72 km from Foros in the west to the mountains of Ayu-Dag in the east. The composition of the Greater Yalta includes Alupka Gursuf, Livadia, Gaspra, Koreiz, Miskhor Simeiz, Foros, Massandra, Nikita, Blue Bay, landslides, and some other towns.


Marina Nekrasov,
CEO BEST Real Estate. Branch on the prospect of the World:

"Crimea attracts Russians not only unique climate and natural beauty. Absence of a language barrier and a similar, even we can say the same mentality of the local population and our fellow citizens create a favorable framework for the formation and development of the demand for real estate in the Crimea of Russia. So among the Russians a lot of fans of Yalta and its surroundings, which will never give these shores to fashionable European resorts.

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