Credit will not hurt?

12.10.2010 03:22
Articles about real estate | Credit will not hurt? Metropolitan New conquers all new heights, determining for the citizens of difficult tasks purchase of apartments in new buildings. Unfortunately, in the near future will not have to rely on cheaper housing, so in a sea of real estate for Russians remains one salvation - a mortgage loan.

Consider the example of several ways to get a home loan. Let's say the buyer to ask the price for a one-room apartment (about 3 million rubles), and accumulated amount of initial payment of 20% of the cost of housing.

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Now you must decide in what way the remaining 2,5 million rubles will be paid by the Borrower: take the amount of cash, will sign a "verdict" of mortgage or consumer loans.

That economists recommend? Banking experts say, buying an apartment in the loan, it is better to make out a mortgage, rather than burden themselves with a loan in such a large sum of money. One of the managers of credit accounts, most consumer loans are issued for a short time, about 7 years. For such period as consumer loans without collateral and surety reaches more than 20%. Rates of mortgage lending has not risen up to the mark, including in the credit for housing under construction. A lot of the important role played by another factor which issued the ownership, mortgage rates tend to decrease, while potrebkredite - no.

The lender and the borrower. Unfortunately, for buyers with mortgages at once appear pitfalls that need to be literate to get around and do not stumble at the most inopportune moment. When a borrower has decided that he needs is this apartment in a house standing, we must remember that a mortgage he can obtain only if the contractor is accredited in the bank, and only in the bank, where the contractor is accredited.

What do you do when issues has turned against the buyer? In such a situation comes to the aid unsecured consumer credit. Today, however, not every bank issues left and right credits of $ 2.5 million. These banks include VTB-24, developed a special consumer lending program that allows depending on the region and opportunities for the client to receive an amount of up to 3 million rubles. Tellingly, all the costs the borrower will fall only to cover the interest rate plus the bank does not require reference 2 PIT - the buyer the right to issue the credit to help in the free form. It is clear that the main conditions for issuing consumer credit - the guarantors and a good credit history of borrowers.

Income is not enough for a consumer loan? Then we go to you! Most Russian banks have developed a product such as non-target mortgage loans, in this case, receiving a long-awaited credit, pawned other real estate client. As real estate can be a totally arbitrary area (apartment, office, etc.), but the borrower must be the owner of this property and there have not been registered with minors or disabled persons.

Thus, we have considered several ways of buying a new credit apartments, you have to decide which way to get more favorable loan, with minimal time and money. However, if you still have decided on a mortgage, it's better once all the calculate carefully and consider possible "inputs and outputs, as after the return of bank loan debt, you still expect trouble.
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