Credit, destroy the family

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Perhaps all, and could emerge in their lives, if not happily, then at least safely, if it had not occurred crazy idea get rich quick.

Both he and she were simple people, hard-working and well adapted to domestic constraints. Their marriage is not particularly early, was formed not by a mad love. They liked each other. However, they were better than apart. In the end, worthless people to live alone, and can endure - slyubitsya.

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And slyubilos. Three years later came the baby. Wife quit her job, and he tried as best he could provide for his family everything they need. They lived hard. Well, at least had a roof over your head. And she has, and he was home. True, he is only room in the apartment of the parents, but her two-bedroom apartment. There's family and lived.

From the apartment where it all began. Or rather, not flat, but with the house. And even with the house itself, but with the neighbors. The fact that the house was at least not in the center, but the old, comfortable, with clean roads and a cozy courtyard. Just so, what have the friendship between neighbors. And indeed, the neighbors in the house not just greeted each other, and invited to visit us on cakes, long sat up each other over tea, and on summer evenings - in the yard, playing with children or driving endless conversations about life. "

He, although he was in the house of the new man, quickly found a company. Not only from friends of his wife, but also from a variety of men, to indulge his male pursuits: they sacrificed a goat at the same table, nailed together under an old tree, chinivshim bikes kids who wallows in the garage all day, and sometimes drank a bottle or two. And most of his bosom friends were two local innocuous romantic drunks. They never stopped anyone, but always make plans for the future than a lot of amused the rest of the company.

But if earlier in their plans for nobody paid any attention, now represented by the new tenant, they found themselves not only loyal listeners, but also a man ready to start implementing their ideas into reality. What were the ideas, history is silent. But first, they were ambitious, and, second, related, of course, the personal enrichment of all participants deliberately conceived (and quite legitimate, on the surface, even the executable) enterprises.

I must say that at the time the material life of the family was very poor and difficult. It did not work, and for the child needed a lot. The turning point was the failure of the refrigerator. Their fossil unit ordered to live long. Caused by the wizard just shrugged and told to say goodbye to the idea of intensive care unit. I had to pull out the dead in the trash and start thinking about buying a new refrigerator. And immediately, as the summer was in full swing, and baby food used to spoil.

There was no money, but the whole town was gay advertising consumer loans. They thought, thought and decided. Money took a little longer than needed to buy because he said that if get into a credit history, then at least with meaning. He has an idea how to invest money, quickly work out a favor and start living like human beings. She agreed, as was a woman trusting, her husband did and did not like to argue.

These two points are: credit and a new friendship husband - and became the beginning of the end of their life together.

Instead of starting to earn, the husband began to drink. He talked about investment, work and negotiations, which will soon begin to bring "crazy grandmother, and in fact - to spend and spend. Every evening he came home later and more podshofe. Justification was one - the signing of contracts. Treaties themselves, then or later, no one saw, though perhaps they existed.

Here are just like money was not, and it was not.

A little later, at the insistence of her husband, they took another loan. In total, already owes a huge amount on their minds - 300 thousand rubles. Which together (he, she, already published by that time on the job) to pay.

And maybe it would be so stretched, if at some point the house was not lost fridge. Yes, yes, that newly purchased refrigerator - beauty and pride of their small kitchen. He soon showed up and close. In the evening, came to visit a neighbor and very grateful to our heroine for the generous and kind man who sold her to a new and good thing for half price.

She said nothing made happy woman, but when her husband, as always, drunk and full of plans but returned home at night, at his door waiting for suitcases with personal belongings neatly stacked.

He had to go to the parent house. Soon after they filed for divorce and safely dispersed. A year later, he demanded money from her. And not for anything, and paid for them by the time the loan. On her refusal, he threatened her by the court.

Ask lawyer:
We have two consumer loan made by spouses in the bank at a time when they were still married. $ 300 thousand rubles. About 100 thousand family had paid together. 200 thousand paid to ex-husband after divorce. Now he calls the former wife of 100 thousand rubles. - Half of his payment. On all payments have the receipt.

To which he is entitled to?
Can he win in a court case?
How she should defend themselves?
Is it worth it to protect themselves invite the neighbors to court and prove that no penny was spent on her and the family (even bought a refrigerator away from home)?

Reply Lawyer: These claims does not threaten her. Since personal loans do not take the family, they were taken, apparently, on him. Otherwise, why would he began to repay the loan after a divorce?

Credit - no joint ownership, with each understands itself.
If there remained a refrigerator, it could be divided. But unpaid debts. Even if it was his surety for lending money to give and with it a bribe smooth.

Until such a trial will not come as a lawsuit will be dismissed.

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