Creating AJOAH should be mandatory

17.06.2011 11:00
Creating Pools condominiums (AJOAH) a mandatory order for the whole Ukraine will establish clear responsibilities for people and property, the responsibility, said Grzegorz Gajda, Project Manager, International Finance Corporation (IFC), the round table "The reform of housing and communal services in Ukraine", held on 16 June.

"Creating AJOAH should be enforced. State is not obliged to repair the outdated housing stock, if you actually gave an apartment (we are talking about privatization. - Ed.), Then you have to watch yourself as the owner of the state of the house "- said John Burgimova, deputy head of the focal point for economic Reforms under the President of Ukraine, reports

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Since it has agreed to Sergei Odarich, measures Cherkassy, ??the repair of antiquated housing stock should be at the expense of home owners. "At present, repair is due to receive money from the land of private homes. A man with his house, his own reconditioning, pays tax on the land, and the money goes to repair high-rise buildings with private apartments, "- said the actions of Cherkasy.

In turn, Yuri Odarchenko, chairman of the subcommittee on regional policy in the committees of parliament on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and regional policy stressed that the state is trying to "reset" the problem by repairing outdated housing stock to the owners of apartments.

"I do not recommend the creation of a hurry AJOAH. Today there is no authority that controls the activity AJOAH no control rates, as well as in the budget were not included money for the creation and maintenance of these organizations ", - noted the official.

In addition, he cited statistics on which in 2010 was supposed to create AJOAH 7 billion USD in 2011 - 3 bln. "But in reality, we have 107 million USD of which 100 million - to institutional arrangements, and 7 million UAH - to repair itself," - concluded Odarchenko Yu.

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