"Cream" of the Belarusian online real estate market

01.12.2010 09:25
Latest rating «EJ: Properties has decided to hold" in his field, making an independent top 10 specialized websites about real estate in Belarus.<br /><br />The main criteria for ranking sites, but their popularity among the online audience, we've added a few more.<br /><br />First, the availability of reliable, regularly updated content, and support site, and secondly, the demand from the major players in the market: real estate sellers and advertisers, and, thirdly, its usability.<br /><br />As experts, we also invited an expert in one of the IT outsourcing companies resident OEMs, as well as some professional real estate players.<br /><br /><strong>10) www.m2.by - corporate web site real estate agency "square meter" and "square meters plus."<br /></strong><br />The project started to be developed in December 2005, the network was launched in August 2006. Today in the directory portal - more than five hundred exclusive offers real estate in Minsk and suburb (purchase-sale and rental of residential and nonresidential real estate, equity building). Directly from the site visitors can request a sale, purchase, delivery or rentals of real estate with the agency and job seekers - leave your profile.<br />The site runs a forum which, however, over the years to revive the realtors did not succeed: visitors on it a bit. In contrast, industry news, the number of which are already measured in the thousands.<br /><br /><strong>9) pro-n.by - website of the magazine "Pro-Real Estate</strong><br /><br />Website - not just an electronic copy of the log contents, and a full resource is positioned as a single data center real estate Belarus.<br />In the daily updated database website already collected nearly 4,900 objects from all over the country ("secondary housing, new buildings, houses and land, non-residential premises). On site daily information gets out "first hand": making changes to the directory by the participants of the project - a real estate agency and the developer, read about the details of which can be directly on the site in a separate category. In addition, you can find useful addresses and phone numbers of various organizations, from banks to ZhESov (though only the capital), the texts of legislation and industry statistics to changes in cost per square meter of housing in Minsk.<br /><br /><strong>8) www.domania.by</strong><br /><br />Even estimates of competitors, a solid and entertaining portal. Regular Internet brainchild JV BelPronto LLC went online in fall 2009. And, despite the fact that the visits have not yet so much a resource is in demand at a very reputable advertisers. So we can say that a niche industry as a commercial project, this resource is gaining.<br /><br />At its core domania.by - is, like most participants rating, the same real estate classifieds, collected from all over Belarus. In convenient layed on a regional basis based portal is more than 9000 ads.<br /><br /><strong>7) Ads www.kvartirant.by</strong><br /><br />In Internet - since 2004. The site works most visited to date bulletin board in the category of "rental properties". Until 2010 the site was positioned as a portal to the agency "rush hour", which provided real estate services for tenants. After the closure of lease AN "rush hour" in 2010, the site kvartirant.by stayed on the market as an independent portal.<br /><br />Now on the resource represented by advertising real estate companies providing services in a segment of rental property. This is one of the most popular in the Bynet boards in this segment of the real estate market. However, its geography is limited until the Minsk and the Minsk region. Information updated as fresh versions every half hour. In the resource base - over 13,000 ads in the rental and sale of residential and nonresidential real estate, and private advertisements under the headings "Construction", "Repair", "Furniture", "Services".<br /><strong><br />6) Internet system nest.by</strong><br /><br />Until recently, it was said on the site, it was a non-profit technical means "to transfer information between contracting real estate market", where services for users are free. Now this part of the description had disappeared from the story about the essence of nest.by, along with anything, I suppose, just a popular portal and will be selling platform for advertisers.<br /><br />At its core, this is a directory of real estate with the main advantage is that its geography is not limited to Minsk and the Minsk region, and great attention is paid to regional centers. The database of the portal is more than 2100 ads on renting and selling residential and commercial real estate and land.<br /><strong><br />5) Real Estate »@ mail.ru in Belarus (realty.mail.ru)</strong><br /><script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8426615393746993"; /* 468x60широкий */ google_ad_slot = "0633076384"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; //--> </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js"> </script> <br />Along with the arrival this year of the resource in our country and appeared in the online industry's leading project Runet - Nedvizhimost@Mail.Ru. Partner resources in Belarus has become a familiar portal Realt.by.<br /><br />Broad geographic coverage - Belarus, Ukraine, the five cities of Russia, 45 foreign countries - allows visitors to search engine Nedvizhimost@Mail.Ru since 2004 and find deals in the most remote corners of the world, one click moving from one country to another. A unique advantage of the project - giving users the opportunity Pochty@Mail.Ru find the right property, without leaving the portal Mail.Ru.<br /><br />In Belarus the database are all the same for sale and lease of real property in Minsk, Minsk region and the country's largest cities. Today there over 9000 sites.<br /><strong><br />4) The board hata.by</strong><br /><br />"Enthusiast-geek" named for a forum, creator of the site of the metropolitan housing and communal service alljes.com (2003). Site visitors like, but soon migrated to running in the same year, a new resource hata.by, where today there is probably only in the form of the category "Utilities". Today, the most "enthusiastic" - Egor Dorofeev - the owner has a few very successful internet resources. Among them, this is the most popular bulletin board.<br /><br />Know and, despite all the flaws in the design (obviously time to change), used by many market participants rent in Minsk and the Minsk region. Today you can find not only the ads from owners and agents of rental of residential and nonresidential facilities (more than 1800 "posts" on "rent-selling-buy-shoot), but the catalog of the secondary housing (more than 350 proposals), some new buildings of the capital and - private ads from shippers and builders.<br /><br />Oddly enough, once again there is no convenient filter for the formation of an adequate search query, but the new "obyavki" per day are allocated separately.<br /><strong><br />3) ts.by - Corporate Group site "Your Capital"</strong><br /><br />The largest real estate company in Belarus, the real estate market in the online published in 2003 and today could well be a model of successful promotion on the Internet. In addition to good design and a large current information, the main difference from the other participants in the rating - the agency out in such fashion today, social networking and community, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Livejournal.<br /><br />While the site is largely a presentational character, but in the future, as told «EJ: Properties" in the company, a resource plan to integrate more deeply into the internal information systems "Your Capital", with which he will perform a service role.<br /><strong><br />2) irr.by and tut.by - Category "Real Estate"</strong><br /><br />Initially decided that each site take a special place in the ranking, making it still did not. Publishing Holding, owner of the trademark "Hand in Hand" joint venture "BelPronto LLC is structured and the site owner of ads www.irr.by, and partner portal tut.by - co-owner of the section" Real Estate ".<br /><br />The beta version is the first Internet project holding - Site irr.by - was launched in autumn 2007. The site immediately entered the top ten most visited in the Bynet, where to this day.<br /><br />In 2008, the joint project "Hand in Hand" and the portal opened for TUT.BY irr.by access to many thousands of visitors the most popular resource Bynet.<br />Today on the bulletin board irr.by «Real Estate is more than 22 thousand private and advertisements, and more than 46,000 - on tut.by. Good design for this kind of portal, user-friendly filter and even the rss-mailing ads.<br /><strong><br />1) The Internet Real Estate Center Realt.by</strong><br /><br />The most popular specialized portal for real estate - Realt.by - established in 2005 based on a unified database of real estate agencies in Minsk, which formed in 2000. Through the application in modern technology and the use of agent software "Real Estate 3.0" is represented here today, perhaps the most complete and updated online information on real estate.<br /><br />For buyers most of the content portal shape their proposals professional market: real estate agents and developers. Practice shows that the resource is now equally popular and professional market participants and customers. The database resource more than 20,000 for sale and more than 13 and a half thousand - the rental property.<br /><br />You may notice that the first top-10 «EJ: Real Estate for the most part included the most eminent and the old portals, published online in a few years ago. But the fact that in a year rating may look different, confidently declare trapped in the top 10 of the most ambitious new entrants to the market: "Pro-Real Estate and domania.by.<br /><strong><br />Disposition:</strong><br /><em><br />Oleg Levchuk, director of Internet marketing group of companies "Your Capital":</em><br /><br />- Our industry market on the Internet is clearly not enough content, but at this stage of his development of portals for real estate work to a greater extent for advertisers, not users.<br /><br />Our concerns lie in the fact that affordable unlimited broadband (5 Mbps for $ 15) does not appear in the next few years in Minsk, home surfing will not really free, and video content will be limited.<br /><em><br />Alexander Martynenko, head of the project REALT.BY:</em><br /><br />- Virtual real estate market today do not have enough buyers. Real estate agencies do not have enough expertise and knowledge to advance the Internet. Builders - journalists who would write news for posting on the Internet.<br /><br />In addition, concern is the presence in the rankings, directories, search engines large number of sites on the property, containing inaccurate information and without adequate support services. By posting information on these sites, users often can not remove it afterwards. There are sites that download with the help of robots or other methods of information from a variety of so-called "open source" and publish in their own, which improves their ranking in search engines, but often such information introduces visitors to the confusion.<br /><br />https://www.realty.ej.by/it/2010-11-25/slivki_belorusskogo_onlayn-rynka_nedvijimosti.html<br />
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