Country villa on wheels for $ 840.000

25.10.2010 00:01
There is a community of people who love to travel and spend a long time in trailers. They are motivated by the romance of distant wanderings: today - at sea, tomorrow - in another city the next day - wherever you go ...!

Among the wealthy, too, there are people who do not like the monotony of the window. Only they want to go all the roads are not only convenient and comfortable homes, but in style. It is for this category of travel produce trailers that are exhibited in the late summer of 2010 at an exhibition in Dusseldorf Caravan.

The audience could see the original trailer dealership appeared under the title Futuria sports spa». The cost of the caravan is 840 thousand dollars. The brainchild of MOST Mobile caused quite a delight to lovers of luxury travel on the highways of the world.

Tractor of this luxury trailer manufactured on the basis of "home on wheels» Eura Mobil. Inside the truck, whose length is 6 meters and 3 meters high, the designers have tried to arrange the interior, which is characterized by elegance and comfort. Do not forget about various and fashionable household appliances, without which a long journey can not do. Complex technique here everywhere: in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Vehicle weight of 3 tons and equipped with a 3-liter turbodiesel capacity of 170 horsepower, can "absorb" hundreds of thousands of kilometers at a cruising speed of 90 km per hour.

For those who love to drive this rate may seem ridiculous. But to satisfy their ambitions within the speed trailer is a mobile garage with a sports car.

Actually, the trailer itself - Futuria sports spa - is the highlight of this car. In the 11-meter trailer is a spacious living room for 10 people. Well invested in a bedroom with two single beds. The interior of the mansion on wheels complements today's powerful sound system and LCD TV.

Well, the most interesting and exclusive - is the roof of the vehicle, adapted for walking and outdoor recreation. On the roof terrace there is also a spacious bathroom with a Jacuzzi where you can enjoy SPA-procedure right while riding. In general, received the "land" version of a luxury yacht.

As is known, trailers have long been used for housing those who have no home. But, if all these trailers are not inferior to the comfort and convenience of the best homes, then why would puzzle over the "housing issue". Just so, "the question of price" would deprive many of sleep and rest.
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