Country market out of stagnation, post-crisis

07.10.2010 00:00
Country market out of stagnation, post-crisis The average price of houses in the primary market of Moscow region was in September $ 3600 per sq. m. According to Blackwood, price increases were observed only for individual objects on a high stage of readiness - from 5 to 15%. In the first autumn month, there was an increase of activity from potential buyers and the recovery of demand for projects with a more elaborate concept of offering to sell finished houses or plots with contract.

Continued to yield new cottage villages, several real estate companies have future plans for the implementation of country projects. At 29 km from Moscow to Kaluga direction of the company "Moscow real estate development" has launched a country-town business segment, "Medvedev." On sale offers 190 plots without a contract ranging from 10 to 30 hectare.

The company, Vector Investments announced the launch of three projects Format Land Park - «Kurtnikovo", "Big Ushakovo" and "Nikita". The project proposes land area of 1 ha, intended for the construction and sale of private investors, as well as for individual development.

"Monomah plans in the near future to begin the implementation of two new housing estates of 16 and 20 hectares, which will be located within 64 km from Moscow to Gorky, and 114 km from Moscow to Minsk direction.

Country market near Moscow is gradually emerging from a post-crisis of stagnation, which has been observed since 2010 in the short term, experts predict an increase in the share of high-budget projects a total volume of supply, reducing the rate of exit projects, offering to sell land without a contract, as well as increasing the share of investment buyers. With regard to price increases, then the end of 2010 we can expect positive changes only objects which are in the final stages of construction.
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