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17.10.2010 10:02
Articles about real estate | Country life: twice as nice and ... more Life outside the city in an organized cottage area has its undeniable advantages: it is ecology, and social environment, and a comfortable life environment, and high levels of security. But all these pleasures do not cancel the Earth's problems. In particular, it is not going away need to pay utility bills. How much is the maintenance of the house, from which it develops and how do I pay?

As in the city, for its feature size of utilities will vary depending on the type and class of accommodation. "If we're talking about utility charges (ie, gas and electricity), everything here depends on the size and the heat at home, on whether there is heat loss and the way in which these homes are heated. For example, a summer resort facilities under construction may not meet the SNIP, rules and regulations that exist for permanent housing. Accordingly, there is maximum heat loss, and the utilities it costs more, - says Yuri Meyer, project manager Roslavichi. - If it's private habitation, they are based on certain requirements to the thickness of walls, building materials. The more expensive the house, so its characteristics are higher. "

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So it turns out, on the one hand, payments in the prestigious building must be economical. On the other - the elite objects have a large area that you want to heat thoroughly. Heating costs are quite noticeable in the total costs of the landlord, so that the winter costs are substantially higher than the summer. "If the house is heated by gas, the difference is not too large (in the range 10-15%) while the electricity, the winter increase in cost becomes quite palpable" - says Yuri Meer.

Electricity costs depend on the area of the house and its contents. Even a small country house you can put an electric sauna, which will consume much electricity.

Cost of maintaining the home also depends on whether in an organized cottage house is a house or a detached structure. "In detached country house for the contents of your home and local area the whole responsibility of its owner. Accordingly, the level of costs and quality of service are governed by himself, "- says Victor Kovalenko, the director of" RealEkspo.

"In organized towns now ekspuatiruyuschaya Company (housing office) the issuing of receipts for maintenance payments, which may include the cost of utilities and services. But in some towns, a home owner with a site pays the utilities themselves, as all the above networks are made when purchasing a home ownership in the property "- adds IInna Malakhov, head of sales cottage" Maetok.

However, with decreasing personal responsibility for counting the cost of the home owner of a cottage in the organized town gets a much expanded list of paid services.

The main cost of maintaining a country house in an organized cottage area, according to Ina Malakhov, the following:

• Maintenance payments (maintenance of order on the total area of the village, cleaning and repair of roads, garbage collection, provision of infrastructure, security, and in rare cases - further improvement of the village).
• Utilities - water, sewerage, electricity and gas.
• At the request of the landlord services provided by the Criminal Code for a fee, such as assistance in setting up the plot or house cleaning.

"Housing payments in the cottage, on average, 1000-3000 UAH. a month ", - said Victor Kovalenko.

The amount depends on the class settlement. Here is what additional services for house maintenance Inna Malakhov: "On the one hand, it can only be servicing communications before entering the house and cleaning the roads to the site, and possibly the content of its own fitness center and a recreational area for walking, its accomplishment .

Sometimes (though this is the exception rather than the common practice) that the amount of utility payments is calculated depending on the area of the site and buildings. "If the house is an area not exceeding 400 square meters. m, then charged an amount, if over 400 square meters. m, then the utilities can be many times more - gives the example of Ina Malakhov. - Amount of municipal payments depend on the number of households in the village - the more of them, the amount of contributions less. The cost of utility bills for the whole of the Kiev region varies from 1000 to 4000 UAH. a month. "

The larger the settlement, the smaller the amount of payments from its residents, agrees Victor Kovalenko. "The higher klassnost cottage, the higher the cost of utilities," - said the expert. - In the village elite class value may be up to 5000 UAH per month.. "

For simplicity, city dweller makes sense to take that fee for the house about a half times the amount of the cost of the same status apartments. According to George Meyer, if you compare the monthly payments for an apartment in Kiev and in a country house, similar in size, the contents of the house will cost twice as much. But this amount will come in and security, and cleaning.
Victor Kovalenko
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