Country life does not always meet expectations

07.09.2010 00:01
Articles about real estate | Country life does not always meet expectations Developers actively advertise their country cottage settlements and settlers promised all the joys of life. But as practice shows, buyers, having heard the promises of developers to get a "new level of quality of life" should be prepared for the fact that, at least at first, everything will go not quite so.

Military science tactics requires subsequent success, strengthen and develop it. Suburban real estate developers are coming into full compliance with these rules: built and sold primarily their village, they usually get straight back to the second. Then the third, fourth ...

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Theoretically, the "regular" and serves to the interests of the already settled population did not suffer: it created an isolated little world, and the workers and heavy equipment engaged in construction of new homes remain behind the fence. But this happens only if the developer has taken care to create comfort residents. In fact, it is often different: getting the money, the developer loses interest to the purchaser and that it may be in the transit zone "surrounded by noise and dust from construction equipment involved in the construction of subsequent bursts.

Another major problem lies not outside but inside the "line" of the new settlement. Quite often there are situations where some residents are already lined up and even began to live as their neighbors are only beginning to erect on the lot at home.

Third - the invasion of migrant workers in villages, where it continues to build. Therefore, residents must come to terms with the fact that the neighborhood from early morning until late at night will be a constant noise, uproar, controversy.

"A new level of quality of life is inconceivable without the infrastructure set - especially in areas where" external "infrastructural facilities are in short supply. Even if the developer does not intend to violate unveiled plans for a long time to wait for the promised accounts. Split parks, boulevards, build playgrounds usually start later, when the town sold a 70 per cent.

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