Country life: buy a house or build?

21.03.2011 10:55
Articles about real estate | Country life: buy a house or build? Picture: Country life: buy a house or build?Recently, we, the inhabitants of megacities, is increasingly felt by all the "charms" of urban life: the bustle, noise, bad ecology, perpetual haste, lack of time and relaxation - all this makes us seek out, and, beginning in the literal sense of the word. Probably not a city dweller, who did not think about life outside the city.
Country House - a crown of dreams any urban dweller. But even if you decide, the question remains: to buy ready-made or build?
Of course, ideally, every house should be built individually, any home is a reflection of taste and lifestyle of the owners. It seems totally natural, buy a suitable plot of land, create your own original project, hire a team and within a year or several years, to celebrate the housewarming. However, each such "natural step" is fraught with many pitfalls and the one who has ever stood on a thorny path of individual development, knows how much effort has to make before you get the desired result. And then, if you do not talk about roads, communications, security. But the main difficulty may begin later, already in operation built house: Drawdown, the network service. In the best case ...
On the other hand, is very tempting to buy a ready-town residence in a well-picturesque suburb, surrounded by enchanting nature, in the neighborhood of respectable people. But here is not that simple. With respectable people, at least, near Kiev, everything is clear, one way - in Koncha Zaspa. But neither of unspoiled nature, or of the picturesque suburb, unfortunately, say no. Who in that Garazd. And not all ready to go home you will be able to: can not arrange a plot, number of floors, allocation of space planning.

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Selecting complex. Things are quite different in Europe or even in Russia - whole suburban housing complexes, with a developed infrastructure, service centers, club communities. Our suburbs will become as still very long, especially after the crisis. A couple of years ago it seemed that the cottage building developed by leaps and bounds: developers promised paradise in premium suburban towns with all the comforts and joys of life. However, as events showed, all these blessings of civilization were to live only on paper: the lack of funding has forced many developers to withdraw from the market, and the remaining to reconsider its plans, reducing construction costs by reducing infrastrukture - in general, lower level concepts.
However, in Ukraine, near Kiev, is, nevertheless, "a piece of Europe", the very beautiful and comfortable suburb, surrounded by enchanting nature, where there is a place of style and respectability. It will appear to you in such a club cottage complex "МАЄТОК.
Houses are not bulky, but spacious, made in a single architectural ensemble of the Mediterranean, "incarcerated" under the master interiors and landscape solutions. Projects of houses designed by German architect Zandi Clemens Fizanom solely on the basis of laconic modern classics.
Thought-out infrastructure and services. First of all, a reliable security system, roads with high-quality asphalt, allowing to reach the downtown of the capital in 20 minutes. A stone's throw from home - shopping and entertainment complex, restaurant, fitness center, tennis courts. Own a service company around the clock to service residents.
Unfortunately, the project of this level in Ukraine - units. In fact, it should be classified as exclusive - a concept of quality, infrastructure and service. This is a new pattern of suburban life for a young Ukrainian elite, which has made the success of his intelligence, talent and flair. And it is safe to say that running away from the bustle of the city, prefer suburban life in an atmosphere of deliberate luxury, refined European culture and modern facilities will always be.
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