Country Houses of stars in an elite Moscow suburb on the Rublevka

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In Russia alone, the economic crisis is accompanied by an increase in the average amount of bribes to bureaucrats tripled and the price of luxury properties. On the eve of the anniversary of the October Revolution, the latter-day bourgeois set another record - the unknown bought in the suburban village of District station, pay $ 240,000 for a hundred. Air paparazzi "Express Gazeta, Boris Curly immediately flew by helicopter to see what they pay for such denzhischi and who of Russian stars will be a neighbor" champion ".<br /><br />The first celebrity to appear in District 1926. Then the initiative group of Soviet intellectuals were allowed to choose a place in Moscow to establish a housing estate. Thus arose the cooperative workers in science and art. Its first chairman was the famous polar explorer, Academician Otto Schmidt. Now operating from academics in the elite village there were only two brothers - Sergei and Andrei Kapitsa. Sergei Petrovich new mansion occupies part of the site, once selected for their father - Academician Petr Kapitsa. A geographer Andrei Petrovich and his family live in an old house. Nobel laureate settled here in the postwar years, when a refusal to cooperate with Lawrence Beria on the atomic project had been suspended from duty. But even in the country Pyotr Kapitsa, did not stop research. It is equipped with a private laboratory, which has appropriated the ironic title of "cottage physical problems." In her famous scientist wrote critical letters to Stalin.<br /><br />- Once his father ran the commandant of the village, and with trembling hands, passed a note with the number "turntables" - says Sergei Kapitsa. - The father said that now, after retirement, he has no such phone. The commandant took him to her. Georgy Malenkov took the tube and respectfully asked his father to continue to write to Stalin.<br />The result of these letters was built in two years on the orders of Stalin's Institute, who led the Kapitza.<br />Shortly before his death Kapitza asked, do not worry if he thought his son Sergei became famous by the TV program "The obvious - the incredible", and not because of scientific discoveries.<br />- Celebrities - it's me - answered Kapitsa Sr. - and Sergei only known.<br />One of the advantages of a son he thought the ability to make jam. Sergei and his wife Tatiana still enjoys the fame of the best in the District of experts on canning. The secret of academician in the recipe by Leonardo da Vinci. The genius of the Renaissance recommend making jam with only the best fruit, but not from those who are about to spoil.<br /><br /><strong>Stamp collection protects Special Forces</strong><br /><br />A routine by the first inhabitants of the Far Side habit to jam to the Kapitza often comes to living across the clearing twelfth world chess champion Anatoly Karpov. Plot in the prestigious village of its awards in 1978, Leonid Brezhnev. That memorable meeting in the Kremlin, where the secretary-general took the grandmaster, historians remember the famous phrase of Brezhnev: "I took the crown - hold! Because for the crown, you know, fight. " Edvard Radzinsky, later wrote in one of his books, that these words were addressed to Brezhnev himself.<br />Old-timers remember that Karpov did not originally built for a long time. Large brick house appeared only in the 90's, when Anatoly E. engaged in the gas business. He became a multimillionaire overnight, and almost by accident. At sites in the Irkutsk region owned by institutions they LLC Petromir, geologists discovered a huge gas field. No wonder he was drinking tea and eating jam with a geology professor Andrei Kapitsa.<br />With gas business chess separated fairly quickly and at the same time was mentioned in various references as the possessor of the most interesting collection of stamps in the CIS. On the assurances of experts, its cost comes to $ 20 million. Most likely, the most valuable specimens are stored in a vault in the country. Otherwise how to explain the stories of neighbors about the retired Special Forces, who live around the clock in the guest house on a plot philatelist.<br /><br />The emergence of new local wealthy vacationers from the outset was seen as the death of all living things.<br />- On a small area is a huge house that takes up space. Free slab, and obtained exactly as in the city - not once complained about the "brand new" Vyacheslav Tikhonov.<br />His cottage is located in the very beginning of the district. With neighbors on the site Viacheslav always had a good relationship. And with the likes of sin to quarrel. Right - the home of Kapitza, behind - a small house actor Anatoly Kuznetsov. And the left was once the street. But a few years ago it was part of the privatized unidentified businessman. He has erected a huge mansion and garden of his fences. From the veranda of the Tikhonov disappeared forever sunlight.<br /><br />A two-storey house of red brick Viacheslav finished in the crisis year 1998. Construction of problem involved personally, enthusiastically chose building materials and plants for the site. In one of the first winter in the District Tikhonov left to shoot another picture. And when I returned - was horrified: because of severe frosts in the newly built house burst pipes. Walls and floors were blackened and icy - with all this terrible picture of the actor nearly had a heart attack. After this incident, he tried not to leave the cottage for a long time.<br />- Vyacheslav Vasilyevich we lived next door - told another stellar inhabit the district, writer Marina Yudenich. - Tikhonov, sometimes down to the river bank, when my husband sit there with their fishing rods: ask cool, watch the fishing.<br /><br />If lovilos something decent, my Edward certainly presented him a fish, and Tikhonov, then, at a meeting, be sure to tell how incredibly delicious fish cooked by his wife. As in the autumn, three years ago, we met with him for a walk, talking, as usual, that the winter does not occur. "And I'm happy" - suddenly without a shadow of a smile said Tikhonov. "Why?" Do not like winter? "-" Very much. But to clear the tracks of snow already, you know, not always afford ... And he knocks and knocks ... "<br />Now at home with her husband Nicholas and 5-year-old twin sons Gosha and Glory lived daughter Vyacheslav Vasilyevich Anna. With the neighbors she hardly speaks, and Vasili Livanov not even hello.<br />"To the best Sherlock Holmes of all time" problem in the District inherited from his father, actor Boris Livanov. However, the country home decor is not much now recalls a famous dad. Expensive furniture, a fireplace, rare candlesticks, bronze statuettes, a billiard room, where Livanov likes to while away the evening. The main attraction of giving - a saddle and boots for the exits. Once Vasily Borisovich has been brave rider. At stud, which is located near the Nikolina Gora, home to two of his horses. But in his youth worked as a herdsman Livanov on First Stud: day in the saddle, day is free.<br />Neighbors in the village belong to Livanova ambiguous. An unpleasant incident happened one day between him and his daughter Tikhonov. At a meeting of suburban partnership Vasily Borisovich for no reason at all flew at Anya with the claims:<br />- Why did not shake hands with me?<br />The girl was taken aback and blurted the first thing that came to mind:<br />- I thought you do not know me.<br />Over dinner Anne let slip about the history of the parents. A few days later Tikhonov Livanova accidentally met in a rural grocery store and asked for forgiveness for her daughter.<br /><br /><strong>Done business in the health</strong><br /><br />Horses in the district is holding the star family of Alexander Malinin and his wife, Emma. Their twins Frola and Ustinov two ponies and a horse bracelet.<br />- Increased interest in showing horses Ustinov - happy singer. - She plays in the horse, puts the toy horses to sleep, feeding, dressing up. And when Ustinja falls into the stable, she is really happy. Every horse zatseluet daughter, stroke, every kind word to say.<br />In Frola very different interests. He followed his father with each passing year more and more attracted to religion.<br />On the facade of the building depicts the lyre, forged bars on the windows made in the form of treble clef, on the visor over the porch - a musical stave with a string of romance "Shine, My Star"<br /><br />On the facade of the building depicts the lyre, forged bars on the windows made in the form of treble clef, on the visor over the porch - a musical stave with a string of romance "Shine, My Star"<br />- We instill a love for the children to Christianity partake of children walk together to the temple. We stopped hermit of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - Alexander baptized.<br />Fasting, prayer and many conversations with clerics in general became a fashionable pastime Rublev after shopping, SPA and fitness. On his birthday on November 16 the singer will likely than colleagues in show business to invite the holy elders.<br />Alexander believes in the District master. He was one of the first to introduce the fashion of Rublyovka on Filipino maids. Back in the late 90's Malinin got himself two girls, whose duties, besides cleaning, were also English lessons with the owner. Over time, their terms of reference clearly expanded and became threatening for the young wife of singer character. Emma protested and made dirty linen in public. One Filipina Malinin "gave" a familiar society woman, the other passed to the agency.<br /><br />With a light hand on the singer's exotic maid Rublyovka began bringing "packs". Over time, the reputation of the maids to check just stopped. The quality of workers has fallen sharply. Come and complaints from exotic started to refuse. Now the mansion of Alexander clean two good Khokhlushka 60. There is also a chauffeur, gardener and cook.<br />The number of workers in the house Malinin good-naturedly surprised even the neighbor Nicholas Slichenko. Their artistic fees seem to be identical, while Alexander mansion dwarfed not come with a modest house manager of the theater "Romen".<br />- This is Emma earns - explains Malinin. - She owns a chain of pharmacies and gynecological clinic. Distributes in the Russian market the product on the basis of Australian tea tree oil. We produce it themselves in the Czech Republic.<br />Profits from the pharmaceutical business was enough to buy a house in Italy near the prestigious resort of Forte de Marmi. There, neighbors Alexander abruptly, than on the ruble. Across the street lives of Andrea Bocelli. Malinin every morning riding near his home on his bike, but the famous tenor is in no hurry to get acquainted with come in large numbers.<br /><em></em><br />
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