Country house in France you can buy cheaper than in 2007

22.06.2011 15:19
Articles about real estate | Country house in France you can buy cheaper than in 2007 In 2010, the average price of houses located in the provinces of France, held at the level of € 193 thousand in the previous three years, prices for such items decreased, making housing in the French countryside today is cheaper than in 2007.

According to a survey conducted by the French National Land Agency SAFER, in 2010, the price dynamics in a rural property in France varied greatly depending on the region, reports French Property.

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The biggest increase in prices and number of transactions occurred in rural areas located near large cities. Experts explain this high interest in the suburban estate of the young buyers who can not afford housing in the city, said "".

In remote villages of the real estate market was less active. The interest of foreign buyers as well as the French remained low.

While property prices in the French province have remained relatively stable housing in Paris is rapidly becoming more expensive. Capital real estate since 2005 has risen by 40%, while sites in other regions of France during the same period have not changed in price. And in 2010, housing prices in Paris have shown the fastest growth in 20 years, increasing by as much as 18%.

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