Country House Economy class: which is better - to buy or build?

11.02.2011 07:43
Articles about real estate | Country House Economy class: which is better - to buy or build?  Connection dream to live in their own country house, with the presence of a certain amount of accumulated money usually leads to the fact that the man on the stage of imagination wants to go to work, becoming a customer. But here in front of him there is a question posed in the title of the article: Which is better - to build a bungalow on the acquisition of land or use one of the many proposals to sell the finished home in the cottage?

If money is limited, then the next customer is likely to draw attention to the cottage settlements of a class (just type those words into the search bar Yandex and Google) and offers construction companies to build low-cost town houses. In order to correctly compare these two options, you need to know some details.

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What are the country houses offer economy class? What is included in the price?

Most of the suburban cottage settlements attributed to economy-class, focused on Novorizhskoe, Dmitrovsky, Yaroslavl, Kiev, Kaluga and Simferopol highway. The size of plots varies from 10 to 25 hectare. The closer to Moscow, the generally smaller plots. In the village there is security, connected communications: electricity, water, sewer, main gas sometimes they brought to the site, but often goes over the boundary of the village, and his connections will require additional costs.

We are interested in an option when offered for sale plots with ready-made cottages. Cottages, usually build small, with a total area of 100 to 200, rarely up to 250 square meters. meters. Cost of a cottage with a plot is, roughly, from 4 to 9 million.

In the claimed price usually includes cost of the minimum land area and the smallest model cottage with painted communications (often - except for the main gas), with the wiring of utilities, a typical outdoor and rough finishing.

A few years ago, before the crisis, firms that sell ready-made Cottage in cottage settlement, made considerable cheat. The crisis forced moderate appetites, and now the price premium is typically 10-20%. But this lot - an average of 0,5 to 1,5 million rubles.

Building contractors, specializing in individual country building, offers many options for small country houses of economy class, intended for permanent residence, ranging from 100 to 200 square meters. meters at a price significantly lower than the price of exactly the same house in the cottage. It is clear: firms that sell houses in a cottage village, the vast majority are not themselves engaged in construction, and invited contractors, and do not want only to return his money, and get at least a little fat. And in those rare cases where the seller is also the developer, he is forced to take loans, which must be sent back with interest. House in the cottage, in principle, can not be cheaper than the exact same house built individually reliable building firm.

You can buy a plot in the village - most of them are sold plots without a contract, and in the secondary market - say, in the countryside, even relatively far from Moscow.

Pros and cons of living in the cottage

The advantages of a cottage settlement must include the existing infrastructure, good roads, security, service organization, centralized engineering services - power, water and sewer. Bulk gas can be connected to the site, or may pass through the border town or even be at a considerable distance.

If you intend to reside permanently in a country house, the cottage you will never find yourself alone. However, if your dwelling is located not in the cottage, and a residential village, the solitude you, too, is not threatened.

The disadvantages of cottage settlements is, above all, high density living: taking into account the small size of plots you feel always in sight, "under the hood." All your life passes in front of the neighbors, and those eyes are not always considerate and friendly.

In the cottage economy class are offered, as a rule, 3-4 model projects a small country houses of several sizes. Despite the variety of options for outdoor decoration, this village looks like a typical "nest". (Involuntarily comes to mind "The Irony of Fate," only in low-rise version.)

Build a house, small but in the full sense of the word "under him, under his personal desires and predilections, can only be an individual design and construction. Someone who likes outdoor terraces, someone wants to have in the house a small swimming pool, billiard room or sauna, all the different family structures, different preferences and tastes ... We must bear in mind that the number of model projects a small country houses at the construction company dozens of times more than a builder of cottage settlement, and they are much easier to adapt to the needs of the customer in an individual mode.

As the experience of builders are now virtually no one builds houses on standard projects. Even if the basis of a favorite model project, it made so many alterations and improvements that he, in fact, transformed into an individual.

With regard to the availability of infrastructure and roadways of roads, this problem is solved by the acquisition of the site is not in the open field or in a lowly suburban co-op, and in the inhabited, civilized enough place.

Pig in a poke (building materials and technologies)

As a rule, cottages in a cottage village on the readiness of similar apartments in multi-storey buildings: the share of the buyer remain fine finish and connecting engineering equipment. For some it's a big plus: a minimum of hassle, "buy and forget".

But there is another side to the coin: buying a cottage in the cottage, you get a pig in a poke. " Compliance with building codes, quality of construction materials and performance you are unable to control. You can say one thing: the price is lower, the design of the house easier and cheaper building materials. The relative cheapness of houses in a cottage village economy class is achieved solely by savings on building materials and technologies. And here arises the question of durability you purchased the home, which is impossible to estimate in advance. Eventually will know for sure!

Load-bearing walls of typical houses in a cottage village economy class are constructed or made of light concrete (aerated concrete blocks and silicate), or - more often - on frame or frame-panel technology. In frame houses it would be prudent to perform routing of utilities within the walls, according to your wishes. However, you purchased a ready house - electrical outlets are located where they have set builders, and not where you would prefer, a place for a bath, toilet, sinks, radiators are also clearly defined. And it also happens that the frame house is sold without routing communications, but with the finishing sheetrock - in this case it is necessary to lay pipes within the room.

When an individual building a country house of a class you can choose a convenient layout and architectural appearance of your home, check quality of construction materials and the entire course of construction, the best way to dispose of the engineering wiring, just stay within budget. But this, of course, require more of a hassle.

Methods of payment. Installment and mortgage. Secondary market suburban housing

Zagorje otsilindrovkaMnogie companies that sell ready-made holiday homes in cottage settlements Economy class, offer their customers fairly interesting mortgage programs from different banks. Do mortgages have their well-known pros and cons. Chief of the downsides is that the mortgage - a long-standing, fairly heavy bondage.

Instead of building companies, the leading individual building country houses of economy class, offers its customers a phased payment. After all, individual buildings, which is quite a large construction firm, allows you to make a pause between stages of construction.

Some construction companies offer so-called deferred construction of wooden houses, once the foundation is being built in the autumn, frame wooden house, failed under the roof, put in the winter, and wired communications, and finishing are performed next summer. In addition to the phased payment on a deferred construction provides significant discounts.

It remains to say a few words about the situation in the secondary market suburban housing. Before the crisis in the secondary market can be very profitable to buy a house with a plot. Now is not the case: the cost of construction has fallen, prices in the market of new housing has slowed, and build a new house will be cheaper to buy than build several years ago.
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