Country house at the price on par with the apartment in Kiev

12.07.2010 16:41
Due to a significant drop in land prices and construction materials, a country house at a price of par with an apartment in Kiev.

When it comes to choosing a primary residence, the buyer should carefully weigh the pros and cons of a private house and city apartment. Market situation figured correspondent LIGABusinessInform.

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That we should build a house?

Construction of private residential homes covering about 200 square meters. meters in the suburbs of Kiev orientrovochno cost of $ 200 thousand, including land, construction and repair itself.

Thus, according to analysts' estimates, the minimum construction costs range from $ 500 to $ 700 per square. m. For repair and finishing works will require a minimum of $ 40 thousand Thus, the construction and repair of a small house area of ??100 square meters. m. cost $ 90 - $ 110 thousand, 200 square meters. - $ 140 - $ 180 thousand

Cost weave of land in the metropolitan suburbs, the average is about $ 5 thousand, the price of land in Kyiv is significantly higher.

Value of the land in the suburb area of ??10 hectare will cost $ 50 thousand Based on these calculations, the cost of buying land, building and repairing homes in 100 sq. m will be $ 140 - $ 160 thousand and 200 square meters. m - from $ 190 to $ 230 thousand

"You also need to connect the electricity, gas, heating - it is much more expensive. In the house you have to invest, invest and invest," - explains the deputy director of the Academy of Sciences Alliance Brocks Sergei Podgorny.

According to him, in addition, the construction of houses will go 1,5-2 years, and this should be ready.

Perhaps that is why the demand for land with a house - more than a "clean" land.

For its part, the vice-president of the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine (SSNU) Anatoly Topol said he was ready to buy homes for $ 70-80 thousand, together with the site. But realtor warns: "You have to be very careful because there are houses built for sale. They are very poor quality. And now there are quite a lot on the market. I suggest that before buying a finished house to conduct the examination. Otherwise, you buy a house for $ 80 thousand . and a month later will begin to demolish it and build a new one, "- said A. Topol.

According to a representative of the market, today there are buying plots with houses or holiday homes by those who already have accommodation in Kiev. But there are some Ukrainians who prefer an apartment in the city of a country house.

75% of the demand for land falls on the plots located on the right bank of the Dnieper, added the director of marketing for "SV Development" Vladimir Stepenko.

Apartment in the city

Thus, the construction of the home area of ??100 square meters. m on a 10 hectare site in the suburbs will cost from $ 140 to $ 160 thousand flats similar to a residential area in Kiev can be found much cheaper. Thus, the new building in the capital offer apartments for 8-10 thousand UAH. per meter. Two-bedroom apartment on the secondary housing market in a good area costs about the same.

In particular, two-bedroom apartment for $ 100 thousand to offer Borschagivka, Minsk array Troyeschina.

$ 190 thousand is now possible to buy a two-bedroom apartment on Blvd. Lesia Ukrainka (old housing), two-bedroom on the street. Basseinaya (pre-revolutionary house), one bedroom on the street. Saksaghans'kogho (pre-revolutionary house).

$ 230 million (the cost of building area of ??200 square meters. M) are available one-bedroom apartment in the new building at the Lesya Ukrainka two-bedroom apartment on the street. Kovpaka.

Of course, in a city apartment you will lose your own garden, garden, quiet and clean air, but ... in an apartment you can go and live, rather than rent accommodation during construction of the house.

Yes, in the new building will have to make repairs - a $ 10 thousand, however, get to work faster, children's gardens, schools, fitness centers, etc. are all nearby.

The price is quite correlated.
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