Country House - an alternative to a city apartment

11.09.2010 13:33
Articles about real estate | Country House - an alternative to a city apartment Market cottages and low-rise construction is gaining momentum and will, according to the experts, to actively develop. Special demand in St. Petersburg today use pre-fabricated frame and frame-panel houses.

About these changes in the market of cottage construction experts said at a roundtable on "Trends in low-rise housing construction season, summer-autumn-2010" held at the press center ID "Chance".

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Today, St. Petersburg and more insistently eyeing the suburban real estate market. Those who have a stash in 1 - 2 million rubles, it can invest in building a country house (apartment in the city for the money can not buy). True, the funds from the townspeople still not enough. No wonder that, according to Rose Mikhailova, chief editor of the Industry and Construction Review, if in the Moscow region there are 400 cottage settlements, we have - about 200, and in those there are problems with land surveying, communications, and so on.

Reserves savings
Experts note that the suburban real estate buyers have become popular cheap prefabricated technologies - frame and frame-panel houses. By the way this house can be done and "elitist", because the level of the house depends primarily on its location, area, decor, decoration, transpornoy availability.

In St. Petersburg, open production domokomplektov appear fluorescent materials from which the manufacturers make a "sandwich" - the house of a dozen such panels when you gather only a few days. From the lungs of available blocks can even build a house on their own (and their child will raise) or to reconfigure the apartment.

According to Dmitry Kopeikin, head of construction projects and contract sales "Forward", by new technologies, citizens can save on materials, and the timing works. "We have developed an innovative technology for floor construction", - he says - and now line the floor can be just one step. "

And modern-modified mixture is allowed to plaster the walls and laying tile, even non-professionals.

Serious reserve savings - to change the customers geographic preferences. Today, St. Petersburg ready to get a country house far enough from the city: in Boksitogorsky, Leningrad region. Special interest to enjoy the place where the planned construction of roads, pipelines.

In order to save future owners of homes significantly reduce their area (for example, instead of 250 square meters. M built cottages in the 150 - 180 "squares"). You can save even on small things, for example, in the installation of water distribution system: installation pump, "the kid" will keep in your budget about 5,000 rubles.

Building a frame house area of 100 square meters. m today is worth about 2 million rubles.

Find your discount

Everyone who starts the construction of homes or cottages, to repair the apartment, there is a lot of questions: which technology to choose, choose what materials, how to calculate the cost of the work? Sometimes, people are spending money on construction, but the finish does not remain - in the budget missed ...

To avoid similar incidents, it makes sense to visit the exhibition "Building a House", which will be held October 23 - 24 in the congress hall "Moscow" (Metro station "Moscow gate"). According to its director, Alexander Pudikov here citizens can learn about the options of various buildings, layouts and interior design solutions, learn about new construction and decoration materials, and what are the best choice for their ideas, consult experts on the part of estimating future works, compare prices.

In the "School of repair" visitors tell us how to avoid scams during the repair, how to determine whether the quality window glass manufacturer has offered you, teach competently monitor whitewash the ceiling and fills the basement. In addition, St. Petersburg will be able to do a lot of bargains - at the show will sell many different items at deep discounts.

Hope Dobrynin
Rosa Mikhailov, the chief editor of the Industry and Construction Review:

"The demand for country houses, first of all economy class will grow, and this housing will be a real alternative to city apartments."

Pudikov Alexander, director of the exhibition "Building a House":
"When he came to our exhibition, regular citizens will be able to understand all the complex issues of construction and repair."

Dmitry Kopeikin, head of construction projects and contract sales "Forward":
"Petersburgers already" ate "dubious services of hired workers, endless alterations, a wraith with estimates. They abandon the old technology in favor of modern-modified mixtures. Today's level of finishing materials allows plastering walls, laying tile on their own without being unprofessional. "
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