Country elitka still in crisis

08.02.2011 08:00
Articles about real estate | Country elitka still in crisis In recent months, sellers of elite suburban real estate is almost in one voice insists on increasing demand in the segment, calling one of the reasons for the hot summer, when market activity was zero. However, there is a different view: suburban elitka still in crisis, the demand is minimal, prices are falling.

Was there a record?

Since the beginning of autumn the majority of Realtors in the elite segment of seeing an increase in buying activity. According to the head of department of strategic consulting and evaluation partner IntermarkSavills Dmitry Halina, it is about enhancing the seasonal demand for premium-class. For example, according to an expert in the IV quarter of 2009 was signed more than 45% of the total annual number of transactions. Similar seasonal recovery expert is expected in IV quarter of 2010. However, think so much more. "The current figures can not be explained by seasonal trends, rather pent-up demand - says managing partner Delta estate Elena Zemtsova. - It is also an objective reason can be considered as mitigating the credit policies of banks that directly affected the level of sales, not only in the suburban segment. "

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On the other hand, experts say, the activity of the market should be judged by the number of actual transactions and specific applications: "And now, more is monitored, the calls are a way to ensure that prices are not seriously changed, or find out what's new has appeared." In addition, from time to time under the guise of customers a variety of companies feel your capabilities and pricing policies of competitors.

Even surprising

"If we compare the results of the November, July and August, the expected seasonal increase in purchasing activity is not visible. Reasons - lack of development in the suburban segment of the mortgage, no people have confidence in the stable development of real estate market, etc. "- says the partner, director of residential real estate Chesterton Ekaterina Thain. According to her, now in elite fence is a fairly large amount of supply against the average demand. "On the road settlements amounting to about 19% of transactions - and the distribution between the objects of the class Premium (average cost of home ownership than $ 1 million) and the De Luxe, where housing is more expensive in October was roughly equal. Compared with September, the demand for elitku in October increased by 4%, "- said the commercial director of Villagio Estate Paul Treyvas. And according to managing director of the Department of Residential Property at Blackwood Timur Saifutdinova, activation recorded in all segments: "The main thing that was on a high stage of readiness and cost consistent with current market conditions."

One feature of this fall's director of marketing department of the country real estate company Penny Lane Realty Alexander Rykov describes the appearance of wanting to buy suburban real estate for more than $ 5.7 million, however, the situation is not saved. "The situation is this: suburban market remains in deep crisis, the demand is low, homeownership continues to get cheaper. Reports of activation - no more than a desire to vendors to create an artificial boom in the stagnant market, "- says CEO EliteCenter Alexandr Dyachenko.

Without delay

To date, the increased interest in the use areas 20-30 acres, with houses of 400-500 square meters area. m, 11-40 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoye and Rublevo Assumption areas, worth up to $ 3 million, "the most active buyers are ready to consider options, mostly secondary housing. Nobody wants to wait until his house is completed, no one wants to, entering into a project to get involved in solving the recurring problems in construction ", - said A. Rykov.

According to E. Zemtsova, 70% of buyers are looking for ready-made cottage, 26%, assuming a discount up to a year ready to wait for the completion of construction in the settlements where there is active work, and only 2% are resolved to invest in projects that will come on the market not earlier than the IV quarter . 2011: "As regards price changes, then in November, significant fluctuations were observed, the average asking price of 1 square. m homeownership to the cost of land makes $ 5,1 thousand, which is almost two times less compared to urban elitkoy. The average budget for the purchase - $ 1.5 million. As reported by T. Saifutdinov, the greatest demand is for houses adjoining plots 21-30 hectare (37% of requests) and houses the size of 301-400 square meters. m (43%): "It may be noted reduction of interest in homeownership minimum surface area (up to 15 acres, 300 square meters. m) and growth - to expensive facilities. The largest share of applications accounted for the range of $ 1-1,5 million and $ 2.3 million (20%).

Elite nowhere

According Deltaestate, in October - November 2010, more than half (54%) the request relates to areas without a contract is not further 30-40 km from Moscow on Rublyovo-Uspensky, Novorizhskoye, Kiev, Kaluga highway. "Everything else - the objects in organized complexes, preferably no further than 20 km from the capital," - said E. Zemtsova. The most popular towns - Zhukovka, mustache, Barvikha, Arkhangelsk. According to T. Saifutdinova in the elite segment of real estate are the most popular projects that are located on Novorizhskoye direction - 32% of applications, mainly in the area of 21-30 km from Moscow (60%). But Rykov reports that almost all elite proposal focused on the Rublyovo-Uspensky highway, with the exception of isolated settlements ("Deauville" in Mink, a few objects at the New Riga).

"Virtually all elitka suburbs - is secondary housing. Over the last couple of years, developers have not taken the market concept and expensive projects. An exception is the complex "Villas whiskers" (11-th km Rublevki). Houses shall be completed, executed finish, some houses even partially furnished. According to Ye Thein, Ruble and New Riga is still in the lead, but some buyers are beginning to consider the neighboring highway: "People do not want to overpay for the content of internal objects, they are more interested in accessibility or availability of external infrastructure in the village facilities open to outsiders. " From current trends expert also noted an increase in duration of action. For example, in business class, most buyers are interested in a mortgage, but are waiting for more favorable terms, since the current rates and fees on a loan against a very moderate price increases make a purchase unprofitable.

At all gotovenkoe

P. Treyvas says that in recent years, suburban elitki buyers are increasingly choosing options in the advanced stage of readiness, but to satisfy the demand can not all developers: "This trend is further strengthened during the crisis, when many projects being built entirely by the clients, were frozen . According to experts, company Villagio Estate led this year to market a new project in the active stage, - Madison Park (24-th km of the New Riga highway). The roads and communications, built the first few dozen houses.

Sellers of real estate is already associated increase in demand with a possible increase in prices. "In the III quarter of the country market marked by a small positive correction - about 1,5%. In most cases, this concerned the objects on a high stage of readiness ", - said Timur Saifutdinov. But Rykov not expect major changes in the premium class: "The cost of a meter in January is about $ 5 thousand interest in real estate such a reduced level throughout the year: 30% in III quarter. with respect to the I quarter. The growth in such a situation is hardly possible. " According to experts, the square meter in some cases, costs $ 13 thousand on Ostashkov highways, $ 12.5 thousand Rublyovo-Assumption and $ 11 thousand on Novorizhskoye and Minsk. In the long run, I'm sure Rykov, overpriced real estate will be cheaper to satisfactory levels.
Source: "Real Estate Gallery"
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