Country cottage - the dream of millions

23.12.2013 00:45
Articles about real estate | Country cottage - the dream of millions It's no secret that the person being the owner by nature, tends to have their comfortable and cozy home, where you can rest and gain strength after work. Under the cottage we mean a country house, no different large size , but equipped with a variety of amenities . Construction of cottages - this event, which does not accept the participation of a dilettante. Because if you - not a professional builder , the idea for the construction of a cottage with their own hands is better to leave . Indeed, during the construction of such a cumbersome project will need more skills and in addition a lot of personal time, patience , perseverance and finance. Most likely , the construction will be delayed for several years. Moreover, even an experienced builder can not take into account what that particular bug and will be very expensive . To avoid gross deficiencies in the design and loss of time can seek help from specialized firms . Would be cheaper to use the services of the construction team from the neighboring countries , but quality performance and guarantee you no one will provide. Also for the construction of the various elements of the cottage can attract a few highly specialized firms, but a more sensible solution would be to order such an important task reliable company that will do the work as a whole, and budetnesti responsibility for the cottage.

Let's talk about the cost of building a cottage . If a bit of finance , the main focus is on engineering and architectural delights little attention . But more money is allocated to the project, the more emphasis on architectural component. This is easily explained by the fact that wealthy people tend to highlight your home among others, and to emphasize their status .

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In conclusion , will address the question kanalizatsiikottedzhey . Centralized version , which is used in large cities use here is not profitable . The best solution for disposal of sewage in the cottage is an autonomous sewer . It is a system of devices, which includes pipes , sewage and receivers purification system . As the purification system can act as a simple sump and aeration biological treatment complex installation .
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