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06.10.2010 06:37
Articles about real estate | Country cheaper housing: «bump» in the goods at competitive prices or wait? One of the universally accepted outcome of the crisis became cheaper suburban real estate. Estimates on how much it is "subsided" in the price of "fence" vary, but most analysts agree that it is very strong - much more than city apartments. Now the market seems to be there has been a rise, and have voices that price "bottom" passed, again time to buy a suburban facility.

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Deep fall?
30% - this figure is the month of May for the first time called the analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market IRN.RU», when summed up "Market Research cottage villages near Moscow for 2008-2010".

Most of the surveyed experts also called it, or very close to it value as the average price reduction. Then, however, followed by refinement, often containing the conventional formulation of the "average temperature for the hospital."

For example, Vladimir Yakhontov, managing partner at MIEL-Residential Real Estate, believes that all price "roller coaster" occur with near Moscow to land - at a distance of 30 km from Moscow. "At greater distances prices fluctuated less, - said the expert. - And in the Far suburbs (over 70 km from Moscow), virtually no land to go up and became cheaper.

"The crisis was an orderly market and clearly showed how the settlements were not viable: the prices of such decreased by 40-50%, - said Valery Mishchenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company« Kaskad Family ». - Vulnerable all were projects that were created in places known to be poorly suited to live: close to transport routes or facilities that prevent the normal country rest - for example, industrial, cemeteries and so on.

Also, he continues, much cheaper settlements with a degree of less than 30%: the buyer in the crisis was much less trusting. On the other hand, the objects are ready for 70% or greater, practically not felt the crisis: the people were still willing to invest in real estate, and they understandably chose what is close to ready.

"Very much" addicted "illiquid proposals with an ill-concept, - says Alexander Dubovenko, development director of" Good Wood ". - Not so long ago saw a similar example: 6 hectare plots with houses on them for 350 square meters. m! As the saying goes, nocomments ».

... And the greatest "record" for cheaper prices, our experts have called the wholesale areas of agricultural land - then the fall could be up to three or more times. What, in general, explained: to bring these objects to the "presentation" (ie such in which they will be of interest to end users - individuals) requires huge investments. Does anyone have the funds - in a crisis?

Rublyovka? Like everything!
Concluding the conversation about the fall in prices, it is impossible not to mention the version of the popular among the people of the strong reduction of the cost of our most prestigious areas - primarily Rublevo Assumption. Say, on the basis of previous years prices here have been hitched so that the crisis they simply had no choice, as with a crash collapse.

Supporters at this point of view, but what was more opponents. As noted by Liudmila Ezhova, CEO of Terra-Real Estate, prices Rublyovo-Uspensky highway decreased by 18%. Moreover, all these processes occurred in 2009, and this year we can speak about the price stagnation. Alexey Kudryavtsev, director of marketing management company "Volga cottages, also appreciates the reduction in Rublevsky highway about 20%. "But now that virtually offset by rolling back" - he adds.

... In general, the situation at Rublevke without distracting from the overall canvas - very expensive and overpriced "subsided", and the rest - not too much. Rumors that Russian millionaires and billionaires are poorer so that now they have nothing to buy their luxury cottages are not confirmed ...

Contradictory time
Warm season - a traditional time for activity in the town market, so the past summer, realtors and developers are waiting with high hopes. What happened - this is different, the experts evaluate very differently. "The fires and smog that hangs over the capital and Moscow region, played a negative role. During this time, decreased the number of initial requests, calls and impressions, - says Yuri Sinyaev, Director of Marketing Group of companies "Conte". - In general we can say that the market has not regained pre-crisis demand and prices.

But there are also more optimistic assessment. "In August we saw a high demand for plots without a contract, has sold a 30% increase compared to the beginning of the year - said Dmitry Vlasov, head of sales department of the village" Silver Horseshoe ". - Prices for plots steadily at Simferopol highway in the III quarter growth of 18%.

Even those who recognize that the demand this summer could be poaktivnee, find excuses to look at what is happening blithely. Consumers are clearly not recovered from the crisis - the money, maybe, people have become smaller, but appeared stable, understanding that the worst is over. So the failed purchase of last season created a deferred demand, which is sure to materialize in the coming months.

"For the fall of 2010 will be characterized by high activity on the part of potential buyers, increasing demand for facilities suburban residential real estate and increase the pace of sales - hopes Ludmila Ezhova (" Terra Real Estate "). - Already been signs of the crisis, some developers are planning this fall price increase. On average, it will be 5%, but in some cases can reach, and 15%.

Svetlana Markelova, specialist of the country real estate company «Century 21 Rimarkom", sees another reason for optimism: the market cleared. With him gone, and unprofessional "cowboys" - non-core companies, which tried to test their strength in real estate. There were only those firms that can deliver on its promises and commitments, and customers see it.

To buy, but ...
The main, perhaps the question for today is this: is it time to buy a suburban property, or not yet time? In general, we would have responded positively (in the sense to buy), but with some reservations.

First, today the market is more consistent with the needs of real buyers, not investors. Embarking in speculation, we must not forget: when you try to sell your property to all other sellers instantly become your competitors. The firm - many advantages, including a completely different advertising opportunities. Competing with an individual can only one way: by putting their goods cheaper. Consequently, for successful investing in real estate market requires a completely different level of price growth - this is not observed.

Secondly, consider the price band of what is needed. More than anything in today's market, says Svetlana Kondachkova, Managing Partner, «Urban Realty», demand far cottages - objects in the budget of 1,5 million rubles. As well as ready-cottages "turnkey" price to 6-8 million rubles. and townhouses. Such objects, and will likely go up. So if you need it is this - should hurry. And if you need an expensive cottage at Rublevka - could wait. The more money that it is possible to place the bank at 10% per annum.

And the third. In the market there is a huge number of proposals where necessary for the life of Communications declared but not yet built. On the one hand, developers can understand: engineering services cost money, and build them will be possible only when the sites in the village will become a necessary minimum of buyers. On the other - a situation fraught with the emergence of "misguided Truckers."

So "when buying a holiday home or land, should pay attention to such things as the reliability of the developer, the presence in the town of communication or even the existence of technical conditions for their connection, if the settlement is in the initial stage of implementation", - exhorts us, Samir Jafarov, Commercial Director in 1911 Invest.

Expert Opinions:

Svetlana Markelova, specialist of the country real estate company «Century 21 Rimarkom":

Prices in dollar terms Rublevo Dormition direction fell compared with the summer of 2008, approximately two-fold. Strong demand has changed: before the crisis, the average purchase price was then around $ 5 million, and now the transactions are made at a price of $ 02.01 million offer remains on the old level, because there are a large number of pre-existing but not yet sold projects. The pace of sales fell by approximately three-fold. There are a number of frozen construction projects.

Hope Kreslavskaya, head of department on work with customers OPIN:

The current situation in the town market is favorable for the purchase of real estate. What is it to buy - depends on the level of the client's needs and economic situation. We do not expect lower prices in the future. A small increase is possible, but it will be due not to a specific area, but with the level of readiness of objects in general.

Dmitry Mokrousov, commercial director of the project "Valley estates":

To increase the liquidity of many developers reduce the average land area. Due to this, the total value of the lot is reduced without reducing the price of a plot (or) a square meter. If in 2008 the greatest demand areas from 15 to 25 hectare, then this basic demand was observed in plots of 12 to 20 hectare.

In the near future, we do not anticipate any changes in market prices of land, the price differentiation will depend on the stage of readiness of the project and its quality. The presence of strong demand allows them to raise prices in our villages, for example, in the village "Solar Sloboda-2" we have repeatedly raised the prices as construction is completed.

Valery Mishchenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company «Kaskad Family»:

Today, we see that a large proportion of effective demand goes to Kiev highway, where he graduated from the reconstruction route is outside the Small concrete rings. Also, there is an active development of southern areas - Kashyrsk, Simferopol and Novokashirskogo highway. Demand increases, respectively, it makes sense to pay attention to them.

Dubovenko Alexander, development director of "Good Wood":

There are villages format "Land without a contract, which initially sold either at cost or even below it - to" create dvizhuhu. The customer has a chance to jump into this "train", and how to ride on it: when the town starts to come alive, the value of land increases by 2-3 times. This is indeed an excellent investment. But there are also risks: if you get on the bad faith of the developer, a great chance to replenish the ranks of "misguided Truckers."
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