Cottages in the area of natural hazards: flooding of, the smoldering peat bogs, the proximity of the forest. How to determine the degree of distress and the consequences

11.10.2010 12:18
Articles about real estate | Cottages in the area of natural hazards: flooding of, the smoldering peat bogs, the proximity of the forest. How to determine the degree of distress and the consequences Natural conditions of the site or testimony is one of the main conditions for purchases of country real estate. Heat in 2010 showed that nature can behave differently and the benefits can easily be transformed into weaknesses.

Buyers of land rarely think about the quality of purchased land, and selecting sites, pay attention to the direction, distance and price. Although part of the land is within the natural risk. Area of risk - is an area prone to the ravages of natural processes that can lead to both human life and to property and environmental damage. According to the Elias Diskin, director of the project "Silver Horseshoe", they may include coastal areas prone to floods, flooding, erosion. Caverns and soils, "inclined" to subsidence when wet, as well as groundwater, can lead to undesirable shrinkage and deformation of the home. The proximity of peat and forest fire danger potential.

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Last summer "in all its glory," showed the influence of individual environmental factors on the next property. Ignited peat bogs, burned forest blaze villages and housing estates. However, Ekaterina Orlova, chief marketing officer Ain Development, believes that until the summer of 2010 such factors as the risk of natural disasters, with the exception of peat, did not exist on the scale of the market. As for the areas close to peatlands, as well as in the zone "Smoke availability" of fire, by him, and before there was a harsh market selection. This resulted in the fact that in the east and south-east suburbs of modern suburban real estate is not so much.

Water, water, around water ...
On sites near water most of the dreams of suburban real estate buyers. Learn about what gets bought land in the area of flooding - not the best news for the owner of the land. Ekaterina Orlova (API-Development), said that in general for the Moscow region is not characterized by large floods in areas located east of Russia's major rivers. Therefore, the risk of flooding is likely only at close proximity to the lake and under the condition that the property is located on the lower shore. "But it is unlikely that the developer built the housing estate in this area - rather, it is typical of areas in irregular settlements, or even outside the settlements" - said the expert.

External reference can also be a proximity of the river, lake, pond, stream or marsh. "Just judge the risk of flooding of land may Rosgidrozem - says Anna Shishkina, Head of Marketing UK" Absolute Management "- but his study of charge and is not mandatory for the owners." For the builder probability of flooding is doubly disappointing news, so he is interested to solve the problem. "For example, three years ago at one of the sites under construction, we removed the creek in a pipe, resulting in bogs has disappeared and is now on this earth is safe to build houses," says Anna Shishkina.

According to Ilya Diskin ("Silver Horseshoe"), data about floods is available at local meteorological services, the local department of Water Resources (Mosoblvodhoze) that monitor weather conditions, namely: the amount of precipitation in the form of rain and snow, water level rising water bodies, the size of the flooded areas. These findings are reflected in the climatological maps, snip, references to climate based on long-term records in archival hydrologic reports, summaries of local meteorological stations in the specialized literature (State Water Cadastre).

Villages on the moors
The composition of the soil - an important feature of the site. According to Ilya Sapunov, the CEO of "Beautiful Land", to obtain information about the state of soil, as well as other geological features of the site can be, including the special cards, which are usually prepared by the local administrations. "Such information data stored in the territorial fund of geological information (THF) and the federal fund of geological information Rosgeolfonde," said Ilya Diskin ("Silver Horseshoe").

But if, for example, clay or sandy soil is not indicative of danger, peat - it is already the subject of heightened risk. In the Moscow region the greatest concentration of peat is in the east and south-east region. As noted by Alexey Kudryavtsev, Director of Marketing Management Company "Volga problem", in the east and south-east of the region is about 25% of old horticultural associations and about 30% of cottage communities in various stages of implementation. And many horticultural associations, which appeared in the area of 50-60 - the last century, have been organized specifically to the moors and the people who received plots for labor services, even did not know: since the draining of swamps in these places has grown a full-fledged forest. Until last summer, this problem has been buried at a depth of six meters and are not made itself felt.

With regard to new settlements, then, according to Alexei Kudryavtsev, even at the design stage the developer or his application is always carried out geological surveys, so these data can be requested from the managers who sell plots, or home. Besides, most questions can be removed, to communicate with old-timers in the nearest village.

Anna Shishkina (UK Absolut Management ") believes that peatlands can not be viewed only from a position of harm and danger, because such land is fertile and they can grow a good crop. "I think that the risk of peat greatly exaggerated. In Shatura area were burning not just peat deposits, and lands that have undergone artificial drainage, ie, where the environment interposed person "- she says.

Forest - is it dangerous?
Les is always considered an advantage when buying land and finished property. But the sad experience of this year showed that the proximity of the forest, but rather - low forests face serious trouble in the event of fire. But experts believe that the worst can be prevented, if not break the law. Legislation is very tightly regulated by the rules of fire safety. Foundational document - the law of the Russian Federation of 22 July 2008 № 123-FZ "Technical regulations for fire safety requirements, which specified all the rules of building settlements.

"The law prescribed distance from the borders of forests, and after the summer fires this year, MOE has strengthened control over the process of erection of objects and the design phase of settlements, approval of documentation for compliance with fire safety, - said Boris Tsyrkin (Kaskad Family), the expert. - A documentation of compliance with fire safety is a mandatory section in the approved documentation for cottage village.

Ilya Diskin ("Silver Horseshoe") said that according to the standards the distance from building to forests should be at least 15 m. In addition, the need to keep in order firefighters reservoirs have on hand tools to extinguish the fire, in good condition - a device to fire alarm. A planning decision area cottage community should provide motor transport to all areas and public facilities.

As shared with us Alexei Kudryavtsev ("Volga problem") the company to improve safety in the design of settlements, provided the distance between the residential buildings of more than 20 m. All Villages UK "Volga problem" has two entry groups: central entrance, equipped with fire shield, and Entry for household needs - emergency exit.

In the villages located at some distance from the water, the project includes artificial reservoirs, which perform two functions at once - are the subject of recreational infrastructure - a place of recreation for the citizens of the village and act as a fire object.

The expert believes that is important and the attitude of the villagers to the problem of fire prevention. "The developer and management company may lay as many buffers in the design of the village, to procure fire equipment, but no preventive measures with mandatory involvement of the villagers, all these measures will not have the desired effect," - emphasizes Alexey Kudryavtsev.

According to Anna Shishkina (UK Absolut Management "), to abandon the neighborhood to the forest after the last summer, then panic. Expert explains his findings that the degree of risk proximity of the forest - it's like a neighborhood with wooden houses. And from the forest structure, usually located farther than the household of each other in the village. And to get additional guarantees, when purchasing the site in the forest is preferred organized villages, with a reliable builder, which implements all the necessary fire-fighting infrastructure - advised Ekaterina Orlova (API-Development).

Risks and prices

The price of land and located on her home depends on many characteristics. And any negative factor affecting the final price of the object. In the excess of supply over demand, and this situation now prevails, risk factors should not be underestimated. According to Anna Shishkina (UK Absolut Management "), pockets of natural risk reduce the value of the site by 15-30%.

Realtors say that buyers have reinterprets the applications for places for their next home or cottage. Alexey Kudryavtsev ("Volga problem") believes that the situation in the summer has stimulated interest in the areas on the water and the distant parts of the format cottages on the border or outside the Moscow region. According to him, if the weather forecast for next summer will predict the probability of a hot summer, the shift in demand in these segments can be substantial.

Assess the same factors influence the risk of fires on land prices and property in the areas of the peatland, according to Boris Tsyrkina (Kaskad Family), it is too early, because it was still quite a bit of time. But Ekaterina Orlova (API-Development) said that apart from peatlands to the east and south-east of the region are too many other sources of pollution that is already incorporated in the price of land and real property located in this area - it is the lowest in the suburbs.

In the meantime, analyzing land prices in the periods before and after the fires, Boris Tsyrkin (Kaskad Family) said, that the critical situation they have not changed. A similar conclusion was made, and Alex Kudryavtsev ("Volga problem"). He explains that people have not yet transformed the fears and emotions in expectations. "The following season, buyers are more choosy, and it is likely that the demand for real estate in these areas will decrease, and this will cause the decline and prices", - experts predict.
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