Cottages in Finland: a cozy country, the ideal nature

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Articles about real estate | Cottages in Finland: a cozy country, the ideal nature Eco-friendly technology from Finland, used in construction of suburban housing, are becoming increasingly popular in Russia. But there are buyers who prefer to buy a house for his "homeland." Natural advantages: clean lakes, hot springs, lush forests, as well - good roads, a rich infrastructure of Finland - is something for which they are willing to pay a lot of money.

"Vacationers," conducting his free time in Finland, are almost the patriots of this great country. For example, a typical story of our human told by experts in foreign markets.

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Visiting Alexis, the owner of a small house near a lake in Finland Koskenalus - is about 70 km from the Russian-Finnish border, and visited almost all the employees of small St. Petersburg company, which employs a young man. All entranced by nature, and from fishing and from the original Finnish sauna in a good log house. The property was purchased five years ago for 150 thousand euros, which will agree, not very cheap. But Alex believes that the money he invested sensibly. Near Peter unlikely he could buy something like that. And for years the Finnish real estate ownership, he is so loved this country, learned the language, has traveled every corner of it that already considers himself half a Finn. Over the past two years, real estate in Finland bought two more fellow Alexis and everybody was very happy.

St. Petersburg people - pioneers, Muscovites are catching up

Finland - one of the few foreign countries having a common border with Russia. The picturesque nature of the north, numerous lakes, good fishing in the country has long attracted the Russians. "To go to St. Petersburg in the summer holidays or winter holidays in Finland - it's almost like a trip Muscovites in the Tver region on a fishing trip - says Anastasia Duderova, head of foreign real estate company's Delta estate. - That the inhabitants of St. Petersburg and its environs and are a major formation of the Finnish real estate buyers. " According to Stanislav Singel, President of International Real Estate Agency Gordon Rock, in 2009, foreigners bought in Finland, 634 of the property, of which 403 or 63% have bought our countrymen. In 2010, almost 60% of the entire property purchased by foreigners in Finland also fell on the Russians Anastasia adds Duderova (Delta estate). Second and third place on the volume of the transactions took residents of the EU and Scandinavia.

According to Dennis Evseev, managing partner of Kingsland, mainly demand separate house with a sauna area of ??150-250 meters, which are located near lakes and forests in areas with developed infrastructure costs up to 250 thousand euros. As a rule, used the purchased property for a country holiday. Apartments in apartment buildings Russians buy rare, though the price of such real estate is very attractive.

Regions of interest, according to Anastasia Duderovoy (Delta estate), eastern and southeastern parts of the country, because of territorial proximity to the Russian border and the unique natural conditions. As added by Stanislav Singel (Gordon Rock), are particularly popular - South Karelia and South Savo. They traditionally accounts for about 90% of transactions with the Finnish real estate Russians. In addition, the activity of Russian investors is marked on the housing market in North Karelia, Kymenlaakso, North Savo and P?ij?t-H?me. In recent years become popular Finnish ski resorts, but while buying a home at such resorts is not so massive - Winter sports enthusiasts prefer to rent.

It is important that the purchase of any real estate in Finland does not entitle you to receive a residence permit. But getting the right to live in the country could, if successfully conduct their business in it. Minimum income, which officially should bring this business - small: from 3 thousand euros per family. However, Finnish law is vetoed, some types of entrepreneurial activities to non-residents of the country. And here (Warning) is very popular in many countries the business of deposit purchased housing for rent. Although, if a non-resident buys a hotel, the residence permit can be obtained because the owner can substantiate a temporary stay in the country just need to manage it.

Secondary market: How much does a house near the lake?

Feature of the real estate market in Finland is that it depends entirely on domestic demand, due to small volume of foreign investment in real estate of the country. In addition, the Finnish property market - a market bedneyuschih buyers and homeowners. Loss of income for many families in crisis has forced them to get rid of some real estate owned by the family. "After all, the 5.3 million Finns have two million 517 thousand units of residential real estate," - says Stanislav Singel (Gordon Rock). Most often it is a suburban houses or cottages.

Elena Yurgeneva, director of real estate company Knight Frank, said that in Finland, suburban real estate market is well developed in and around major cities and resort has a large number of cottage settlements.

But the residential real estate in Finland, not cheap. According to the Department of Statistics Finland, in early 2011, the average cost of housing (apartments and townhouses) in the secondary real estate market in Finland amounted to 2.134 thousand euros per square meter. meter. In Greater Helsinki Region, which includes itself and the capital and suburbs - 3.276 thousand euros per square meter. meter, and in the peripheral areas of the country - 1 619 thousand euros.

Although, as noted Anastasia Duderova (Delta estate), in 2009 - early 2010. due to lower domestic and foreign buying activity in certain regions have lower prices for 5 -7%, and at the conclusion of transactions was up to 10% discount. "But it's a normal situation for a period of crisis, and called this phenomenon can not fall in the market" - said the expert.

But already in 2010 the price of the Finnish real estate has increased significantly. In particular, in Northern Finland, their growth in the secondary market amounted to more than 20%. However, price growth is weakly supported by the buying activity. Offers much more than wanting to make a deal. Anastasia Duderova (Delta estate) has a typical example. Russian has three or four years ago bought a Taipalsaari on the shores of Lake Saimaa house of 130 sq.m. Then his real estate cost 180 thousand euro. Now he is trying to sell the Finnish residence for 250 thousand euros, but so far unsuccessfully.

But the cheapest deals - apartments in apartment buildings. For example, only 23 thousand evrooboydetsya buyers of apartments in two-story house in the town of Kotka total area of ??29 sq.m. The house is old, built in 1940, but his condition is good. Utility bills are 120 euros per month. Payment for water is included in utility bills. The attractiveness of the proposal, and adds that the house is located near the Gulf of Finland, near the beach and the central city park.

Another tempting offer - one-room apartment of 27.5 sq.m. in the town of Imatra, a kilometer from the lake Immalanyarvi. Year built home-1966-nd, it has a sauna and a barn. Apartment price - 25 thousand euro. Monthly utility bills - 141 euros, but this need to make money for the water - 13 euros for a sauna-7 euros for parking - 5 euros per month.

Prices of detached houses is much higher. For example, in the village of Mikkeli on the lake in southern Finland house for sale in four rooms with total area of ??160 sq.m, plot - 9250 sq.m. Previous price - 352 thousand euros. But now the landlord is prepared to let the house for 320 thousand euros. In S? Rkisalmi for giving close to the lake a total area of ??75 sq ft in the area 50 thousand sq. m ready to give up for 195 thousand euros. But the manor Taipalsaari on the shores of Lake Saimaa area of ??110 sq ft to 5,520 sq ft site is also in southern Finland on sale for 679 thousand euros.

New buildings: a bet on energy saving

Primary real estate market in Finland have a great influence various housing associations. That is, they acquire about 40% of city of new buildings, - says Stanislav Singel (Gordon Rock). For comparison, individuals bought only 35% of the housing.

In early 2011, the average cost of urban housing in the primary real estate market in Finland amounted to 3.029 thousand euros per square meter. meter. In Greater Helsinki prices higher - 4.077 for the quarter. m, and at the periphery of lower - 2.651 thousand euros per square meter. meter.

According to official statistics, up to 2010 new homes in Helsinki, which added to the price of 13,7%. In this country increased housing construction. In August 2010 the amount of private housing was at 68,8% more than last year. Construction of townhouses in the same period increased by 138% compared to August 2010.

Stanislav Singel (Gordon Rock) said that Finland is becoming more popular projects to build environmentally friendly and energy efficient housing. Often this housing is heated by thermal waters or solar panels. And when it is used for construction, natural and energy-saving building materials. Most of these new buildings belongs to the elite segment of real estate that does not involve a public announcement of the realizable value of housing. With each specific customer issue is discussed separately. An example of green building is a residential complex Ekoviikki, is 8 km from downtown Helsinki. The buildings of the complex 400 apartments, which provide energy and heat from solar panels. They allow you to work out 15% of the total required heat as well as 50% of the required electricity.

In the primary suburban real estate market in abundance holiday homes. For example, in a newly built village Jaala in the southern part of the country are on sale a house with total area of ??177 sq ft in three bedrooms on a plot 930 sq.m for 349 thousand euros. The new house of logs on the shore of Saimaa in Punkaharju total area of ??90 sq ft to 7.4 sq m site sold for 280 thousand euros.

Market Outlook: falling prices will not

In the future, in 2011 experts see little smooth growth of prices for all residential property in Finland. According to Elena Yurgeneva (Knight Frank), essential prerequisites to higher prices and volumes are building consumer confidence in the market, the availability of credit. In recent years the market in the country has a high proportion of loans issued at a floating interest rate. They account for about 90% of borrowings. But she had a mortgage in the country is very cheap about - 3.3 -3.7% per annum, - says Stanislav Singel (Gordon Rock).

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