Cottages and land: the right balance

02.01.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | Cottages and land: the right balance Suburban home ownership, put up for sale, find a buyer quickly, if he yardage home corresponds to the area of the site. Huge mansion should not stand on six acres, and vice versa - "birdhouse" get lost on a large hectare estate. Modern buyer does not seek to pay for the extra weave, extra meters and unnecessary options , preferring to choose what you need specifically to him.

Indeed, in the secondary market of suburban real estate Kiev region presents a variety of offers - from small wooden huts on 6 acres and ending elite stone mansions height of several floors in huge landscaped areas. Given the vast area of ​​the Kyiv region , to assess the exact amount of the secondary market is extremely difficult. Especially when it comes to economy class households that occupy a significant share of the proposal.

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The situation with the real estate high price range a little easier - the number of such proposals still limited. According to experts, the total amount of luxury homes located in the region is about 3.5 - 4 thousand objects.

The share of secondary objects suburban real estate is 67% of total supply . The demand for such facilities does not exceed 15 % of all transactions in the market . In general , according to experts , to cottages and plots without a contract , are exhibited in the secondary market of Kiev region , accounting for about 35% of total supply . Number of houses for sale again , is not more than 26%, and townhouses and duplexes - about 4% , which makes them a scarce commodity .

Is looking for buyer
Successful sales - the result of falling demand in the framework of proposals : early buyers paid less attention to the proportion of home ownership , but now this option was for them one of the most important . " It should always be followed when designing a certain harmony and construction planning , - says Andrey Ants , Head of suburban real estate " NDV-estate " . - For example, if we take the floor area of 120 - 150 m. m , then there will be enough and 6-8 acres of land . And if you take the house of 400-600 m. m, then there is need at least 10-15 acres for comfortable use of the site. And if you take the house of more than 800 m. m , then there needs plot of 20 acres and above, since the presence of a smaller site area house will occupy almost all the space . "

In the segment of high price range , according to " RealEkspo " greatest demand homeownership with the following parameters : 15 hectare plot - house about 300 m. M 20 hectare - House 450-550 m. M plot 30 acres - house 700 - 850 m. m plot 40 acres - home of about 1,000 sq m.

"If you calculate the average of the popular country house - the director of consulting company" RealEkspo " Victor Kovalenko , - it turns out that the most demanded size of the house - 150-160 m. meters. Moreover, this figure is increasing every year by about 20 m. meters, gradually moving away from the crisis of the "failure " when buyers are looking for a small house on 80-90 meters.

In the business segment and komfortklassa Victor Kovalenko called popular household where land - an area of 12 acres with houses up to 200 m. m

Victor Kovalenko said that basically the secondary buyers of suburban economy and komfortklassa interested in small houses made ​​of bricks or foam blocks area of ​​slightly more than 100 square meters. m with clear and convenient layouts - acceptable value of residential and non-residential area . Land area thus should be from 6 to 10 acres . The expert added that the important factor is the condition of the village and its infrastructure components such as roads , public spaces , playgrounds and sports grounds and other social facilities . Greatest demand is such proposals issued as an adequate market price or with a good discount . They are sold from 2 to 6 months , while the average exposure period of the secondary is about a year .

Small house of 100 square meters with a convenient value of residential and non-residential area enjoying the greatest demand - support colleague Alexei Ivanov. - "Golden " ratio of land area and spot area ( area of ​​the house ) is considered the proportion of 1:10. However, today you can find many attractive offers with the ratio 1:15 . "

But not all buyers seek harmony house and land areas , which are clients that it does not matter at all . " We closed the deal even with sites on 5 acres and houses 200-300 meters, - says Vladimir Yakhontov - with customers not only expressed doubt , but they themselves are often looking for such options ."

In the luxury segment, the main landmark - the area of ​​the house . As confirmed by Arthur Imosyan , most buyers do not need a huge house territory - many are quite satisfied with area of ​​20 acres. So first of all , of course, raises the question about the number of square meters , more than over acres .

Another point that in one way or another affects sales success - this improvement area . And the cost of the work is often a significant fraction of the total budget spent on construction. And there is nothing surprising that vendors are trying to "recapture" the costs. Although , as noted by Victor Kovalenko , they succeed only if the object is a liquid , and all other parameters - location, the proportion of house and land , planning, quality repairs, etc. But if the sentence has objective disadvantages , even in the presence of landscape design owner can sell land only to the market price. "Customers are not ready to pay for such delights - says expert - if other parameters to clearly losing ."

In general, according mneniyuViktora Kovalenko, the most important factors in assessing the value of the land - this is the location and the presence of structures on it . These parameters form 70 % of the cost of country ownership , with 40 % accounted for 30% of the location and the quality of the house. However, this balance - 40 % and 30 % - varies depending on the individual characteristics of the object . Not always the location shall prevail : qualitative distant cottage, suitable for year-round , will compete with ease Camping located in the 20 - km zone of Kiev . Price in this case be approximately the same. It happens that the building, located on a site affects the price reduction of bargaining . For example , the old panel-frame house , located in a good PT near the Ring , by itself will not represent value . Most likely , the new owner decides to demolish the house , and the demolition and removal of debris will cost a round sum

Popular budgets
Offer prices in different classes of suburban real estate is not always correspond to demand. Victor Kovalenko believes that most of the objects in the secondary market of suburban real estate is a big house with awkward layouts , with prices ranging from 10% to 30 % higher than the actual cost. The problem of inadequate pricing is largely due to high expectations of sellers. Some selling real estate, want to earn money , the expert explains , others simply do not know the prices and the ongoing situation in the market , while others are guided only by proper investment , trying to recoup they made repairs or landscaping.

However, the effect can be reversed - for example, exotic dÉcor of the cottage can not become a factor increases and decreases the value proposition . Today the liquidity of such objects tends to zero.

In economy class order price is different. According to experts the main demand associated with homes or with home ownership cost up to 80 thousand dollars for the money the buyer wants to buy a home for permanent residence , an area of ​​150-160 meters on a plot of 10-15 acres, in an organized village with security, utilities sane payments , reasonable plan development , good communication .

The holiday segment budget buyer even lower. At present the holiday season demand in the segment of inexpensive suburban real estate in the range up to 50 thousand dollars focused on the prices even lower than this amount. In the spring and summer to 60 % of the transactions took place precisely with villas at this price . The expert added that it is remarkable that these objects make up only 20 % of the total for sale cheap " fence ."

More prestigious direction , the farther away from the capital will be giving, and the more primitive structure is on the site.

Country market in 2013 showed far better results. There is an opinion that is now on the secondary market town some stagnation .
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